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On June 5, 2013 by Eye on Auckland

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Unitary Plan Videos

I had to join the throngs of people and celebrate all weekend long, the time for feedback on the Unitary Plan has come to an end – thank the heavens. More than 13,800 Aucklanders have had their say on the draft and I learned more about Aucklanders in the past 11 weeks than I had in 8 years.

I learned that we are very passionate about our city and that the youth of Auckland are far more proactive than I could ever have imagined. With debate comes the good, the bad and the ugly but at least we got fired up and we said our bit. Now I hope that the Council has the balls to decide what is right for our city and that they stick to their guns. I have every bit of faith in them and wish them well.

Feedback will be considered in the development of the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, which is due to be notified later this year but first Auckland Council sought the opinions of Auckland’s young people via a youth video competition and these are the top 5 chosen by the number of Youtube hits received:

5th Place – Side Project:


4th Place – Generation Zero:


3rd Place – Nathan Thomas



2nd Place – Matthew Canham and Georgia Nixon


1st Place – The Future 

My favourite is definitely the Generation Zero video closely followed by Matthew and Georgia’s video, let us know which is your favourite by voting on our poll:

Auckland Unitary Plan Youth Videos
Which is your favourite Auckland Unitary Plan Youth Video ?

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