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On June 14, 2013 by Craig

BEFORE AND AFTER 3Various Before + After Shots

1. Britomart Public Parking:


Britomart Parking Before - Copyright EyeonAUckland

Britomart Parking Before – Copyright EyeonAuckland


Britomart Parking After - Copyright EyeonAUckland

Britomart Parking After – Copyright EyeonAuckland

2. The Bird Cage | Take note of the great street level activation, and people enjoying a place formerly reserved exclusively for cars:


Birdcage Before - Copyright EyeonAUckland

Birdcage Before – Copyright EyeonAuckland


Birdcage After - Copyright EyeonAUckland

Birdcage After – Copyright EyeonAuckland

3. Geyser Building | Parnell:


Geyser Parnell Before - Copyright EyeonAuckland

Geyser Parnell Before – Copyright EyeonAuckland


Geyser Parnell After - Copyright EyeonAuckland

Geyser Parnell After – Copyright EyeonAuckland

4. 162 Victoria Street | Victoria Quarter:


162 Victoria Before - Copyright EyeonAuckland

162 Victoria Before – Copyright EyeonAuckland


162 Victoria After - Copyright EyeonAuckland

162 Victoria After – Copyright EyeonAuckland

5. Queen’s Wharf:


Queen's Wharf Before - Copyright EyeonAuckland

Queen’s Wharf Before – Copyright EyeonAuckland


Queen's Wharf After - Copyright EyeonAuckland

Queen’s Wharf After – Copyright EyeonAuckland


5 Responses to “Before + After”

  • Queens wharf still has along way to go unfortunately, were some moveable bollards added recently which seemed to be keeping wandering drivers of the end of the wharf, but places still taken over by road and carpark. Surely Waiheke Ferry pickup/dropoff can be on Quay St instead?

    • Eye on auckland

      I dislike Queen’s Wharf as much as i dislike Elliott Street. Queen’s Wharf was always full of cars and nothing has changed, in fact I think that it’s worse than before – it is very busy with traffic. I have often thought that the red fence can be removed along Quay Street and a slipway can be created for buses, taxis and other vehicles …. Queen’s Wharf is no good as it currently is. A container and a bit of street furniture is just taking the piss and it is insulting.

  • Vicky

    Some dates on the befores would be great … as someone who’s been out of Auckland for 2 1/2 years I’m pretty sure a lot have happened since I left (apart from Queen’s Wharf) but can’t be fure.

  • Arthur Stokes

    Some great improvements there, especially the transformation of the Britomart Parking. Although I think that the new Geyser Parnell Building looks a bit ‘over the top’.

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