Double Decker Trial

On February 14, 2013 by Eye on Auckland


Double Deckers trial on.

Double decker buses will be taking to the Northern Busway next month, It was revealed in Auckland Transport’s latest business report to Auckland Council’s transport committee as an effort to bolster patronage numbers. Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan says the first double decker buses are expected on the route some time in March 2013.

What the buses could look like.

What the buses could look like.

4 Responses to “Double Decker Trial”

  • BusFan

    Yay !!!!!!!!! the views from the top will be awesome as !!!!

  • suffrage

    I am willing to bet that they will be a huge success. Do you know if they will run along Dominion Road ?

  • Luke C

    Well Metrolink buses sure won’t run on the Northern Express, but I’m being pedantic! Those would be the ones looked at for Dominion Road, but the latest seemed to be NZ Bus going off the idea.
    Auckland really starting to look like a proper PT city, gated stations, EMU’s (almost) and Double Decker buses.

  • Tui

    I agree LukeC, things are moving in the right direction and compared to just a few years ago the difference is immense.

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