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The Bulletin will become a regular feature at Eye on Auckland. This is where I will share the latest happenings and gossip with you as I receive it.


The Green Keeper | Victoria Park | Victoria Quarter:

Victoria Park will soon be the home of a new cafe & deli called The Green Keeper. Consents have been approved and construction workers are hard at work. The old caretakers cottage has been restored and will once again be teeming with life. No timeframe for the opening has been given as yet but I have been told that the wait could be as long as a month or so. I for one look forward to enjoying a light lunch on the patio overlooking the park.

The Green Keeper.

The Green Keeper.


Mojo | Vodafone | Viaduct:

Just across the road from The Green Keeper is the Mojo’s latest creation. Located on the ground level of the fabulous Vodafone Building. I love the industrial chic interior and the buzz. If you haven’t been there make sure that you pop in and sample the great coffee.

Vodafone Mojo.

Nibbles @ Vodafone Mojo.

Industrial chic @ Vodafone Mojo.

Mojo @ Vodafone.


Park Espresso | ANZ Tower Plaza | CBD:

Do you need a caffeine stop with a point of difference ? Try the new Park Espresso opposite St Patrick’s Square. Where else in the CBD can you sit and enjoy an unobstructed view of Sky Tower, St Patrick’s Cathedral and the towering ANZ Centre. There is still a bit of construction work going on around the plaza but it isn’t anything major. Once the plaza is finished you will be able to grab a coffee and stretch out on the lawn under the sun. This is the kind of place that I would love to see more of in the city.

Park Espresso.

The view from Park Espresso.


Illegal Parking Update:

The illegal parking article has created quite a debate at various blogs around the Country and it won’t end here either. The majority are in support of stringent action against illegal parking. Len Brown has been kind enough to reply as follows “Thanks for the work you have put into this series, which I have referred to Auckland Transport for their comment” and Christopher Dempsey has been in contact, he is pursuing the matter rigorously.  Thank you Christopher. Other members haven’t bothered to issue a statement as yet.

Today was no different and I captured illegal parkers all across the city centre. Most were reported and photographs were sent to Auckland Transport. I found one man sitting in his car reading a newspaper on Elliott Street. I told him that he was not allowed to park here and he looked quite perplexed. He told me that he had seen no signs indicating anything as such. He apologised and drove off – it was that easy. We should maybe take it upon ourselves to chase people on. It’s not what your city can do for you but what you can do for your city right ?

This had to be the cracker of the day, a car decided to park outside No 1 Queen Street today, oblivious of the fact that it is a main thoroughfare. He/she must have thought that it’s another shared space.

Queen Street shared space.

Drive thru coffee ?


Ding Dong Lounge | Wyndham Street | CBD

New York City’s Ding Dong Lounge has just been voted one of the best bars in the city and I am sure that the new Ding Dong Lounge in Auckland won’t disappoint either. Founded in 2001 by Bill Nolan, the original Ding Dong Lounge first opened on the upper west side of Manhattan and slowly grew a following of talented artists, writers, actors and musicians.

Then in 2003 close personal friend Bill Walsh opened the Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne, branding itself with a live gig atmoshpere that has easily upheld the Ding Dongs furious rock reputation. And now in 2013 Jorgensen and Kenzo have been chosen to follow in the footsteps of its awe inspiring predecessors, pooling the incredible wealth of talent that New Zealand has to offer, and dole it out to the unsuspecting public. The bar is located at 26 Wyndham St.

Ding Dong Lounge Auckland.


Colestown Chocolates | Queen Street | CBD:

Just what Queen Street has been begging for, a boutique style chocolatier. Colestown Chocolates are beautiful artisan chocolates produced by hand in small batches using the finest Callebaut chocolate imported from Belgium. The flavours are then created using fresh nuts, honey, fruits and liqueurs. Chocolates can also be crafted to suit your individual needs and they are all hand made in Aotearoa. I love the zebra print chocolates and the puzzle chocolates which will make great gifts. Welcome to Queen Street and thanks for bringing some class to the area. Make sure that you pop in and spoil yourself.

Colestown Chocolates.

Colestown Chocolates Store.

Zebra Print Colestown Chocolates.


The Hip Group | Britomart | CBD:

Thank God for The Hip Group. I shudder to think where Auckland would be if it wasn’t for the Hip Group. We all know and love them for Takapuna Cafe, Cafe Kohi and the new St Heliers Cafe. Now it’s Britomart’s turn to be graced by not one but three new Hip Group beauties. Opening dates aren’t confirmed as yet but I can tell you that part of The Store is open on the Gore Street side at The Pavilions and it is looking fab !

The other good news is that you will now be able to get a decent coffee in the city after 5pm – hallelujah ! Not all of us partake in New Zealand’s National Sport i.e. binge drinking so it will be great to be able to have our fix not surrounded by drunks. The Store is a neighbourhood pantry and casual diner serving quick bites to eat-in or take away. Playfully described by restaurateurs Jackie Grant and Scott Brown as ‘Subway on steroids’, The Store is open from early till late seven days a week. It also boasts an artisan bakery producing handmade bread, pastries, ice cream and award-winning gelato.

I poked my head into Dessert Bar Milse and it is going to be a stunner. The Hip Group have been heavily influenced by Melbourne and there is nothing wrong with that. Can we send our Council over so that they may be influenced ?

The Store.

The Store.




Gossip | Fonterra HQ:

A birdy recently told me that Fonterra have their sites set on three possible locations for their new Headquarters i.e. the new Mansons building on Victoria West Street, an open car park site on Custom’s Street and the Viaduct Exchange site at Wynyard Quarter. The latter appears to be the favourite site at the moment and I hope that it is true. It will be fantastic to see that open car park become something useful at long last. For now everything is up in the air so we will have to wait and see.


Behind the scenes @ Eye on Auckland:

Exciting things are brewing at Eye on Auckland. I have climbed into bed with some visionaries and we are going to be launching a new “Idea Bank” for Auckland. It will not only be our creative ideas but you will be able to share your ideas and dreams for Auckland with us. The aim is to broaden Auckland’s horizons and to have a constructive influence on The Auckland Council. Auckland can be an incredibly dynamic and creative city once the boundaries have been chipped away and we want you to help us achieve this. More details will be available soon.

I have more to share with you but that will have to wait for the next issue. Please support all the new and wonderful establishments that are helping to make our city a better place to be. Have a great weekend and keep an eye out for the illegal parkers.

4 Responses to “Bulletin”

  • Nicole

    Thanks for the updates. I hope the green keeper is popular. Nice to get more stuff going around the park.

  • James

    Awesome stuff. I look forward to the idea bank and hopefully we can light a fire under the Council’s backside.

  • Luke C

    would the Customs St carpark be the Wilsons Park at 73 – 89 Customs. One of the worst eyesores in the area, could also include the shitty 70′s 2 storey building next to it.
    A Shame Fonterra are so obsessed about carparking though. Surely a Britomart site would need less carparking than an outer CBD site. Wynard Quarter PT improving, but still one extra change for people coming in by rail, or from many southern areas. 1.3km from Britomart is just annoyingly too far for many people to do every day.

  • patrick

    The viaduct exchange option for Fonterra would be great, hopefully it would speed
    up development for the area, although it’s a shame we are left with these temporary
    carparks the worst being the one on the corner of Albertb and Victoria streets

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