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Himavanta Kaffeine | Freeman’s Bay:

Freeman’s Bay just got better, Himavanta Kaffeine has opened it’s doors @ 189 Ponsonby Road. I love the colourful interior, the rustic charm and most of all the friendly and good-looking staff. I have been told that it won’t be long before a secret garden will be revealed in the courtyard behind the building and I can’t wait to see the end result. Thanks for the wonderful caffeine pets and welcome to the neighbourhood :)

Himavanta Kaffeine. Photo by Sydney.

Himavanta Kaffeine. Photo by Sydney.

Himavanta Kaffeine. Photo by Sydney.

Himavanta Kaffeine. Photo by Sydney.



ASB HQ Update | Wynyard Quarter:

The new ASB building is nearing completion and looking amazing. The “school of fish” on the exterior is advancing, I love how it glitters in the sunlight. Rumour has it that South African inspired steakhouse chain Ribs and Rumps has been acquired by The Coffee Club and will be opening their first Auckland store in The ASB building.

I have been told that Ribs and Rumps will be joined by Wagamama, the new-look HQ Bar, Columbus and a Juice Bar. We will have to wait and see. Fish Lane is under wraps and I for one can’t wait to see the finished product.

Fish Lane – Wynyard Quarter.

ASB HQ, Wynyard Quarter. Photo by Sydney.

ASB HQ, Wynyard Quarter. Photo by Sydney.

ASB HQ, Wynyard Quarter. Photo by Sydney.



Illegal Parking Update:

I would like to provide you with an update regarding the illegal parking article.  Thank you Auckland Transport and Waterfront Auckland for making the necessary changes and clamping down on illegal parkers. This afternoon I walked through Elliott Street and there was not one car parked there – it was fantastic !!! Furthermore, the bollards along Jellicoe Street @ Wynyard Quarter have all been moved forward so that cars no longer have any room to park there – bravo !

Elliott Street without cars, incredible ! Photo by Sydney.

Bollards have been moved closer to the road so that vehicles can’t stop there. Photo by Sydney.



221 Ponsonby Road | Freeman’s Bay:

The usual suspects are jumping up and down again with their silly “reasons” to whinge. Can’t we just ship them to Australia ? There are already contemporary buildings mixed in with the oldies so what difference will this make. Each generation leaves their mark and now it is our turn to do just that. Freeman’s Bay is not a time capsule and should not be treated as one. All that is important is the quality of design and this proposal will definitely enhance the street.

The site where a proposed three-storey retail and apartment building will be built is currently a vile and unkept car park. Developer Neil Salter’s plan for the empty site on the corner of Ponsonby Rd and Pember Reeves St has two shops at street level and three apartments above. A report he commissioned by urban design consultant Clinton Bird said the building would be “unashamedly of its time and will appropriately avoid being a ‘pastiche’ of historic architectural styles”.

Mr Bird said the building would exhibit a particularly “human scale” and bring high-quality contemporary architecture to the mix of ages and styles that characterise Ponsonby Rd. It was appropriate, he said, to build right up to both the Ponsonby Rd and Pember Reeves St boundaries to ensure the shops’ commercial viability.

221 Ponsonby Road.

221 Ponsonby Road.

221 Ponsonby Road.

221 Ponsonby Road.



3 Responses to “Bulletin”

  • James B

    That third building I didn’t like when I saw the the render in the paper. It looked too cold and sterile. Pleased to see better renders that make it look better. I now agree with the recommendation to build. I just hope the backpackers across the road can do something better with their carpark. It would look be much better as a garden bar/cafe.

  • Dee

    Thanks for the updates. Just a couple of comments:

    1. I hope the relevant authorities remain vigilent in Elliott Street and other shared spaces. I’m a regular pedestrian through there and have frequently seen it, since your post, jammed with trucks, vans and cars all jostling for parking space, causing drivers using it as a thoroughfare to become frustrated and often speed off in anger! In general some drivers and many pedestrians seem yet to get their heads around the concept. We may need to consider making shared spaces accessible only to vehicles with (genuine) business in the vicinity rather than a thoroughfare, and even then only with limitations on length of time spent there.

    2. I have no strong feelings either way about the proposed Ponsonby Road development, though I do generally support modern architecture in these locales, particularly when it’s already an empty lot, but I do think it’s a shame to lose view of the existing studio from Ponsonby Rd as I have often admired that. I’m encouraged by the third picture which makes the proposed garages alongside look far less threatening (the owner may beg to differ?!)

  • Geoff Houtman

    The 221 Pons Rd example is a bit cheeky. They bought res &a land at res 7a prices and they’re trying to sneak a Mixed Use zone building on there! lil bit greedy no?

    Plus the unsympathetic mass, materials, skyline, lack of setbacks etc mean it’ll never get through, from memory it fails 10 of the 16 tests…

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