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An exciting mixed-use proposal for Newmarket

Equinox is proposing a revolutionary new development for 88 Broadway, Newmarket. A mixed use experience - a place to live, work and play. Set to open in 2015, Broadway Junction promises to deliver a unique experience to auckland, integrating 24 hour usage, vibrancy, and public transport connections through a considerate and innovative design. Upon completion Broadway Junction will accommodate circa 50 speciality retail stores, a 60+ room serviced apartment hotel, 8,000sqm of commercial office space and 30 private residences. The site is located on the newmarket ridgeline and as a result enjoys panoramic north/ northeast views out across the harbour and to rangitoto island. Broadway Junction takes full advantage of these views, with multiple level and terraces allowing for its residents and visitors to glimpse auckland’s sparkling waitemata harbour. Broadway Junction benefits from excellent public transport links providing connections to the city centre, West Auckland and South Auckland. The development is uniquely placed adjacent to the Newmarket train station. The new $65 million train station is the second busiest in Auckland after downtown’s Britomart station, offering convenient links to north, south and west Auckland. The Link bus and trains from Britomart run regular services to Broadway. The pedestrian connection to the northern concourse of the train station and a bus stop at the entrance off of Broadway makes access simple and easy for all visitors to Broadway Junction.

Broadway Junction Accessibility Layout

Good use of wasted space. The newmarket rail lines are hidden from sight and the public can use the space.

Some might say that the architecture is reminiscent of a Tuscan Village but I don’t see that at all. The architecture reminds me of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or even closer to home, The Chancery in downtown Auckland. No mention has been made of the materials to be used but I am hoping that it will be natural stone such as travertine and/or granite – this in itself will make all the difference between cheap / tacky or upmarket / classy. I for one love the fact that it is pedestrian only (no cars in sight), the Laneways, the Plaza, the connection to Newmarket Train Station, the use of what would otherwise be dead space (to be used by trains only), the elevated Outdoor Dining Areas,  the fact that it is Mixed Use and the connection between Broadway Junction and Lumsden Green.  Broadway Junction could change the way we think about Auckland and future developments. It is great urban design, great density and places people first and foremost. The car is out of sight and out of mind – an exciting prospect in itself – a breath of fresh air.

Plaza, Laneways and Outdoor Dining Options.

The pedestrain only area is generous and unlike anything that we have seen in Auckland.

The Broadway Junction retail design is differentiated from traditional malls with the design being carefully considered to provide retailers and shoppers with the best possible experience with exceptional design as the point of difference. The retail element of the development is on the ground floor, with the vision for this part of the project inspired by the plaza concept – a public space where people meet, shop, dine and enjoy the buzz of activity around them. The retail plaza will be open to Broadway, with its bustle of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Easy access to car parking to public transport options will make it simple for people to visit the retail plaza. The retail area is divided in to 4 retail zones providing distinction between offerings:

Zone 1 fronts Broadway and is on the northern side of the entrance to the precinct. Obtaining high visibility from the orientation towards both Broadway and the Kyber Pass junction, the retail units in Zone 1 are the ‘opening event’ to Broadway Junctions retail offering. Zone 1 will provide accommodation to health and beauty, accessory and lifestyle retailers.

Zone 2 is situated at the north eastern end of the precinct, offering fabulous views over Hobson Bay out to the Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto Island for Broadway Junction’s food and beverage establishments. There will be a mix of high end restaurants and bars offering the best of New Zealand and international cuisine and good-food-on-the-go retailers. There will be something to suit everyone’s tastes, whether it is picking something up on the run, or enjoying a long lingering lunch with a view: Broadway Junction will be the place to visit to eat and drink in Newmarket.

Zone 3 occupies the central area of the site and is celebrated by the open public spaces and the hustle and bustle of pedestrian activity. Zone 3 provides tenancies perfect for cafes and boutique eateries as well as specialist gift and homeware shops.

Zone 4 fronts Broadway and is on the southern side of the entrance to the precinct. As with zone 1, zone 4 benefits from a high level of visibility, catching the eye of customers coming from the CBD, Parnell and the eastern bays. Zone 4 will provide accommodation for lifestyle and leisure retailers.

Aerial view of Retail Zones.

The site provides a unique opportunity for new commercial offices. orientated to maximise the views out across the waitemata harbour, the offices are designed to provide large uninterrupted open floor plates perfect for small to medium sized corporate tenants. The design is predicated on a strong environmental initiative, to create a place where people are happy to work, that is efficient to run with healthy indoor air quality, low energy usage, good urban connections and intelligent design. It is intended that the building will be designed to achieve a five star Green Star rating from the New Zealand Green Building Council. The residential apartments at Broadway Junction are set to be highly prized in the Auckland market. The intention with Broadway Junction is to provide residential apartments with separation and elevation from the commercial and retail tenants of the precinct. The apartments will be built above the retail plaza and will feature stunning views across the Waitemata Harbour to Rangitoto and Matutapu Islands. The hotel accommodation, designed as serviced apartments, will be highly prized in the Auckland market. The intention with Broadway Junction is to provide the hotel serviced apartments with separation and elevation from the commercial tenants. The apartments will be built above the retail plaza and will feature stunning views across the Waitemata Harbour to Rangitoto and Motutapu Islands. There will be a mix of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments contained in the hotel, along with a gymnasium for guest use only and a cosy bar/restaurant.

Proposed Hotel interios.

Location of Hotel, Residential and Commercial spaces.

Last but not least I would like to thank Kiwirail for having the vision to support this project which is both visionary and enriches the urban experience of Aucklanders and visitors alike. Good luck Equinox and I wish you all the best.

6 Responses to “BROADWAY JUNCTION”

  • Mayvis

    First and foremost, welcome back. Does this mean that we will be reading more from you in the future ? I agree with you, this is a remarkable example of what Auckland should be reproducing across the city. I am also very glad that I won’t have to see those awful railway lines when ever I walk along Broadway.

    • The Eye

      Thank you – it is great to be able to post again, at the moment things have calmed down for me and I should have more time but work seems to pop out of no where so I am not going to make any promises just yet ;)

  • Gordon

    Yeah, welcome back. I am not too sure about the choice of architecture but I am very fond of the concept. The public transport integration, use of space and pedestrianised areas are fantastic.This is what makes cities liveable and progressive. Thanks for the update.

  • MollyBrown

    I have missed my favourite blog. I do hope that we will be reading more of the same. The railway lines though Newmarket are very ugly and I can only imagine that it will look even worse once the electrical cables are up so I am very pleased to read that they could be hidden from view by this stunning development. It is a lot like Chancery, one of the best parts of Auckland. What are the chances of this being built ?

  • BrianB

    This will be fantastic for Newmarket but is there enough demand for all the new retail and restaurants ?

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