AKL – The One and Only

On July 2, 2012 by Eye on Auckland
Auckland the 9th most Liveable city in the World.
According to the lifestyle and design bible – Monocle Magazine – Auckland moved up 4 positions from 13th in 2011 to 9th in 2012. Citing factors such as the formation of a new Super City, the establishment of two new entertainment precincts i.e. Wynyard Quarter and Britomart, the approval of the first Auckland Plan and making mention of vast improvements related to our public transport system.  The article states that there is room for improvements such as completing the City Rail Link, regulating the taxi industry and building a rail connection to the Airport. It is also important to note that Auckland is now the one and only city in the Southern Hemisphere that features in the Top 10 of all 3 Liveability Indexes – #3 on the Mercer Index and #10 on the Economist Index. Our aim now is to be number One on all 3 Indexes and with a bit of determination and commitment we can do it.  Well done Auckland.

3 Responses to “AKL – The One and Only”

  • Jay

    We should be number 1. Wtf? Tokyo more liveable?

  • Bbc

    I struggle to see how Auckland beats out places like Stockholm and Berlin, I assume because of the better climate and umm can’t think of anything else that’s better.

  • Wayno

    Auckland ought to be climbing higher as the effect of the unified 30 year plan evolves. Auckland certainly is changing fast and for the better. Honolulu? – I find that citiy’s palce in the list hard to comprehend, it is dated, dreary and has little CBD heart to it and has a very poor balance between rich and poor (its’ hot that’s about it)

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