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On May 24, 2012 by Eye on Auckland

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Queen’s Wharf Passenger Terminal.

Waterfront Auckland has revealed plans for the “upgrade” of Shed 10 on Queen’s Wharf which will serve as a “world class” multi use cruise and events facility. Shed 10 dates back to 1910 and was used for much of its life as a cargo shed for export and import goods. The upgrade will transform Shed 10 into a unique venue for major and community events and offers improved processing facilities to capitalise on Auckland’s growing reputation as a hub port for visiting international cruise ships in the South Pacific. Forecast numbers for the 2012/2013 cruise season indicate a further 25 per cent increase in passenger numbers to approximately 214,000. In 2011/12 the cruise industry generated approximately $268m in direct spend into Auckland alone and provided around 1,550 jobs. Shed 10 will be over 50% larger than the current cruise facility on Princes Wharf and is being designed to cater for cruise ships carrying up to 3,000 passengers and for events of up to 3,000 people.

Nautical Inspiration

All fair and well but can anybody please explain to me why we have to always settle for such mediocrity ? Auckland is already a city that is very grey and lacks vibrancy – so why are we still producing the same old same i.e. grey or black ? Is it a refelction of the people who live in this city i.e. dull and monotonous ? Is it a reflection of the Auckland Council i.e. timid and repressed ? or is it a reflection of the architects and/or designers in Auckland i.e. unimaginative and archaic ? Judging by what has transpired of late one can be forgiven for thinking that it is all of the aforementioned  points. I have taken 5 minutes and roughly produced a mock-up of what I think Shed 10 should be – fun, warm, bold, inviting and a building that reflects our nautical past (hence inspiration was drawn from nautical flags – the city of Sails). A building that warmly embraces our visitors and let’s them know that we are warm, exciting and fun-loving people – not some repressed and conservative nunnery stuck with a Victorian era mentality. You be the judge – choose either option A or Option B as your favourite by leaving a comment. The results will be emailed to Waterfront Auckland and The Auckland Council.

34 Responses to “Shed 10”

  • Karumba

    Definitely Option B. It looks like the kind of area that I would prefer to hang about.

  • Gordon

    The difference is incredible. Option B without a doubt.

  • Margaret

    Proposal B. Come on Auckland, where is this vibrancy that you are always talking about ?

  • Tui

    I love what you have done, amazing what a bit of imagination can do. Definitely B for me.

  • Sheila

    I like monotone palettes but when I consider that the Wharf will be an arrival point for International visitors I tend to agree with your point of views so I support B in this case.

  • Matt

    Woah, it reminds me of my favourite artist Mondrian. I LOVE the B proposal.

    I have said this before and I will say it again, you should be working at the Auckland Council so that you can give them ideas. You seem to have your finger on the pulse unlike the dinosaurs sitting there arguing all day.

  • Melboy

    Your option (B) is what would get built in Melbourne. On my last visit to Auckland I was also surprised at how sterile and dull the city is. The new Waterfront is a breath of fresh air with colour and interesting bits. I love that part of Auckland but the rest is rather bland from an urban design perspective.

    • Hotpixel

      I couldn’t agree more. Melbourne is a great example to follow and I would bet that they would laugh at proposal A and throw it out of the door. The problem in Auckland is that we are too ready to accept any bit of crap and I feel that the blame lies with The Auckland Council.

  • Hotpixel

    My bad, B gets my vote.

  • Gotham

    B, B, B, B AND B.

  • AbelTasman

    A is so booooooring ! what are they thinking or should I rephrase that, why aren’t they thinking ? I am sure that s plash of paint won’t send the budget spiraling out of control.

    Definitely B.

  • Linz

    B for sure! But even better: C – Kiwiana/Maori motifs/koru/ waka/tiki/ etc so the passengers wake up and know immediately they have actually arrived in New Zealand and not Port Anywhere.

  • Simone

    Proposal A is very, very sad. “Welcome to Auckland, city of sorrow, city of the dull, city of the damned”

    Proposal B is a different story altogether, I love it and by the looks of it so do many others. Make it work Waterfront Auckland.

  • Chris

    Option B!!!

  • Yvonne

    No doubt about it, B is my personal favourite.

  • MichaelL

    B. The option endorsed by Waterfront Auckland (A) is crap.

  • Chris

    Proposal B is better. Whatever the end result is, the wharf will be dead until there is a decent public space between Quay St, the ferry building, the cloud, and Shed 10.

  • Matt

    Honestly keeping Shed 10 is a mistake that I am certain will be reversed in the next 20 years anyway so why waste money on it now? Why not invest in a world-class, purpose-built, two-sided, multiple berth terminal on an extended Captain Cook Wharf.

    If Shed 10 is kept, still neither of those options are acceptable. The wharf needs to be paved over and it needs greenery.
    Circular Quay used to have a raw wharf surface, but that was back in the 70s. Auckland won’t leapfrog Australian cities by starting off doing what they did way back in the 70s.

    • Eyeonaucklandfan

      With the current mindset we are never going to surpass Australian Cities. Boring and unimaginative is us :)

  • Geoff Houtman

    B is better, but what is different about it- more than just the colours? Still needs a playful interactive side to it, something- Art? to break up the dull straight lines.

    The Cloud will still be there? Didn’t we send it to Chch to use as a cathedral already?

  • ToiToi

    B is fantastic, it is simple yet effective. If the Shed is going to change over the coming years then a coat of paint is all that it needs. Queens’ Wharf however needs a MAJOR overhaul, build the salt water pool already.

  • Eyeonaucklandfan

    Who are the architects that are responsible for this sorry ass design ? If you can better their design in 5 minutes then they should be very embarrassed.

    B gets my vote.

  • little_miss_muffet

    this is a no-brainer, B for me.

  • Tim

    What’s the difference? A tiny bit of paint? Both are dull and sterile. Put in a green park and you’ve got something but frankly, both a and B are meh.

    • Suffrage

      It is not Queen’s Wharf that is the topic of discussion but Shed 10 and a lick of paint is way better than nothing at all. Proposal A is dire, proposal B at least brings a smile to my face. Option A looks feels like death and option B feels like life.

      Queen’s Wharf is in dire need of a spruce up but we shall wait another 10 years for that to materialise and even then I won’t be holding my breath for something amazing if they keep on delivering products such as shed 10.

      • Alan


        Option B may not be revolutionary (after all it was done in 5 minutes) but it is still way batter than what they propose to do with Shed 10.

  • B... really?

    Hate to say it but B kind of just looks like cheap housing tarted up with colour. You see a lot of that in state housing for the ‘poor’ – the mentality being, ‘if we make it colourful, people will be happier.’

  • virginia

    Lol … at first glance I thought A was the sad sorry before state and B was the glammed up improvement we were going to get.

    B without a doubt please

  • 2nd place B

    In my opinion B is way too loud.I think a more sensitive colour scheme in fitting with the cities waterfront culture is a much more appropriate concept

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