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Waterfront Auckland responds …

Recently there has been some issues regarding design and function at North Wharf in the Wynyard Quarter so I decided to tackle the problems head on and I am pleased to announce that Waterfront Auckland has been more than willing to listen and most importantly they are going to resolve the problems at hand. It has been a pleasure to deal with them and I look forward to meeting with them in the near future.  I asked the following questions and here are the replies:

Q … The fish-crate public seating are currently being used by restaurant patrons i.e. for seating and coat/bag storage. You will notice that the general public do not want to use them because it is too uncomfortable for people to sit under the noses of dining patrons. I propose that the fish-crate seating be moved over towards the water’s edge by at least 2 meters, will this be a viable option ?

A … We have noticed also that these areas are encroaching on the fishing crates and we are pricing moving the crates closer to the water to give them some breathing space. We have engaged our contractor to rearrange the crate seating along North Wharf. We will not be adding any additional fixing points but they will concentrate the seats along the Northern most line compared to the more southern points where they are now. This will create a greater divide between the restaurants licensed areas and the public seating. We will monitor this once complete to make sure the public are making the most of these.

Q … Are there any design guidelines to adhere to ? Super size sandwich boards are imposing on views and some restaurants such as Pescado are using rather tacky outdoor furniture.

A … All signage should be within the licensed areas and we continue to monitor this including using our security. 

Q … Is there a bus shelter planned for the City Link Bus ? …. on numerous occasions I have witnessed people standing in the rain or waiting under cover at Pescado until the bus comes and then they make a dash for it.

A … The bus stop on Jellicoe Street is currently awaiting resource consent. This is being managed by Auckland Transport and is grouped in with 20 other new bus shelters around Auckland requiring consent. We are watching this closely and if it looks like it is going to be a longer process than expected we will request that Auckland Transport removes the Jellicoe Street bus stop from the group and process it seperately to speed it up.

Q … With regards to pedestrian flow … there are large benches stretched out across the access paths leading from the promenade in front of The Viaduct Events centre to the promenade in front of North Wharf – will these be removed and bollards placed there or are they going to stay ?

A … The benches have been used in place of bollards as they are low lying. Without them the wharf turns into a roadway but at the same time as deterring private cars need to leave access for legitimate uses on a working waterfront. The benches also double in use to slow down cyclists and children on scooters when approaching a roadway. I know that this isn’t an ideal solution and I would be happy to discuss this further with you. If anybody has any ideas on how this may be improved please leave a comment.

Q … Why the Public Viewing Deck at the Viaduct Events Centre closed when there are festivals on. The public find it exclusive and annoying when they can’y access it. Are there plans to change this ?

A … The public viewing deck at the VEC is owned and managed by RFA, it is open to the public 95% of the time but they have the right to close it when large scale events are taking place and it is impossible to retain public access.

Q … Many people find it annoying that you hold events on Te Wero Island (not the viaduct side – the Wynyard Quarter side) – mainly because of the disruption to pedestrians during the construction period of temporary structures i.e. trucks and vans battling with pedestrians for access of the area.  Is it possible to rethink this strategy ?

A … We completely agree! Yes the strategy is being revised with events on Te Wero and Eastern Viaduct being substantially reduced and designed to work around our marina operations. We have inherited a number of legacy events from the former Auckland City Council which we have commitments to hold on our land. Our view is that there should be no events on Te Wero going forward and are working to make sure that this is the case.

9 Responses to “DEAR WYNYARD QTR”

  • James B

    One question that I would like answered is what the status of the carpark on Te Wero will be. It seems a shame that such a nice area is used as car storage.

  • Tui

    Fantastic news regarding the fish crate seating. I am also happy to read that there won’t be anymore events on Te Wero Island. In the future I would love to see all cars banned from there.

  • Alan

    The bus shelter can’t come soon enough especially when you consider how much rain we have been having. Good on WA to actually do something and not rest on their laurels.

  • Geoff

    Yeah, good on them for seeing the errors and for solving them.

  • Gotham

    Good of them to clean up their act and I am very pleased to read that funding has been approved for an even better waterfront. If only Fletcher and Brewer would take a hike and never come back.

  • Karumba

    Thanks Waterfront Auckland. Now can we get the tram extended to Britomart, the Waterfront Theatre built and a new Ferry Terminal for all the tourist oriented ferries ?

  • Eyeonaucklandfan

    Yeah, good on WA for coming to the party and for considering the public. Let’s hope that they look at the Shed 10 post and do something about that as well.

    • Goody2shoes

      +1 The fish crate seating bugs the hell out of me. I want to sit there but there is no personal space. I am stoked to read that there will be changes.

  • Suffrage

    When will all these changes be taking place ?

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