Public Transport Patronage Rises 9.7%

On February 17, 2012 by Eye on Auckland

Public Transport usage keeps on rising.

Auckland’s public transport patronage for 2012 is off to a good start with a total increase of 9.7 per cent in the past year. The new public transport figures are included in Auckland Transport’s patronage report, released today.  It reports the continuing upward trend from 2011.

Highlights include:

Total patronage was 69,743,955 passengers for the 12-months to January 2012 an increase of 6,156,970 boardings or 9.7 per cent.

Rail monthly patronage for January is 527,004 an increase of 64,369 boardings or 13.9 per cent on Jan 2011.

Ferry monthly patronage for January 2012 was 533,477 boardings an increase of 15.8 per cent compared to January 2011 72,708 boardings.

Northern Express bus service continues to grow carrying 2,248,080 passenger trips for the 12-months with a growth in January 2012 compared to January 2011 of 15.8 per cent.

The announcement by Auckland Transport to begin major work on the Albany Park and Ride facility which will double the number of current parking spaces will service those using the Northern Express bus service. The Mayor has welcomed the continuing increase in patronage across all forms of public transport in Auckland.  “On Friday I will turn the first sod on the $1.5 billion Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative which will transform the commute for people travelling to and from Auckland’s east,” says Len Brown. ”Projects like these are needed to cope with the huge growth in demand for public transport in Auckland.  We are now seeking the feedback of the people in Auckland on how best to fund this vital infrastructure long term.

5 Responses to “Public Transport Patronage Rises 9.7%”

  • James B

    Well clearly it’s failing so let’s cut its funding.
    Sincerely the Ministry of Transport

    • Bryce

      Yes, yes and the useage of the new Hobsonville – Westgate motorway has risen by 100%.

      G Brownlee (not)

      • Chris

        Yes, yes and the useage of the new Hobsonville – Westgate motorway has risen by ?%.

        G Brownlee (not)
        and Steven Joyce (not)

  • DanC

    Excellent news. I do hope this shakes up funding and gets the CBD rail tunnel built which will then allow more trains to run across the network. (Also new lines added, i.e. airport rail) Also more ferry sailings please! (Half moon bay needs more sailings)

  • Danz

    Good news, now all Auckland needs is not to expand outwards, but to build up. Increasing urban density, while having an extension in the rail network will boost patronage even further. Build a train station and then build a lot of apartments. Check out Tseung Kwan O, Lohas Park in Hong Kong. A huge plot of land there is undeveloped, yet patronage there is significantly high. Build for the future, not for the present or past. It will make life convenient.

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