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On January 13, 2012 by Eye on Auckland

Newmarket’s Station Square to receive a makeover.

Newmarket’s Station Square is dreary to say the least, it lacks atmosphere, it lacks soul and it is full of crappy stores that look cheap and nasty but that is set to change if all goes to plan. I am unable to get more details but I have some renders in my possession and judging from these I can tell that there are plans to create an area for a market place (kiosk retail), an inviting / sheltered seating area in the centre of the square and canopies will be installed that will provide cover for outdoor seating areas which should entice more cafes to open in the square. Once people see the potential and the finished product I am sure that more high-end retail will be attracted the square, let’s hope that Magnation or Dymocks see the attraction and open stores in the Station Square. Now for the renders (please excuse the quality), you be the judge:

Floor Plan of the proposed changes to Station Square

Mood Board of proposed changes to Station Square

Proposal for Station Square #1



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  • Nilut

    Why is ‘just add trees’ and a couple of big logos always deemed the answer? I know it’s easy to critique, but I don’t think this is good enough.

    I really dislike that foliage island. Agree sometime to break up the space but should be left more open an flexible. I would have like to see a fountain of sorts with outward looking steps to chill on. I am thinking something like the Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome:
    Similar in it’s spartan surroundings but a lovely place to linger, sit on the steps and watch people. And we don’t have enough classic fountains in AKL.

    The kiosks are good, and they should get a big market going here. Even if it’s just on weekends. Get foot traffic up and it should make leasing the shops much easier. There is no reason to go there at the moment.

    But all that said, one of the main issues with the current design (apart from the low build quality and lack of soul) is the horrible access ways. Those dingy ‘I will get mugged’ alleys are seriously off putting. But I understand there is something in the pipeline to address that.

    Anyway, It’s a good start but not sure if it’s going to cut.

  • MollyBrown

    I think that it is an improvement but I have to agree with Nilut, I would love to see a water feature there as well, something that you can dip your toes into on a hot summer’s day. I have also heard that they are addressing the entrances, especially from Broadway. Anyways, I hope that it takes off.

    P.S. A Magnation will be great there.

  • Andrew

    +3 for a nice fountain!

  • Nicole

    Grass never fails although it is higher maintenance. The area is drab and does need help.

  • Scott

    I heard rumors that those artificial trees were chosen due the deck of the square (above a car park?) not being strong enough to take the planter boxes that would be required for real large trees.

    If this is the case then a fountain is likely off the cards too. Can anybody else verify the strength of the square?

    Are all the retail units owned by the same person?

    What I think is needed is mall style operation

    • Scott

      Sorry clicked submit midway through typing by accident.

      What I mean by mall style operation is where “destination” retail outlets are leased at low per square meter rates (examples include the likes of: supermarkets, the Warehouse, Farmers, Large Bookstores etc). These stores are popular enough to generate trips to there own premises, so malls offer them a rent discount in retern for being able to take advantage of the foot traffic generated for to “Impulse style” stores who are charged greater rent.

      Newmarket Train station does have enough patronage to support the square on its own and there is currently little to attract shoppers off Broadway. What is needed is some “Destination” type stores who’s brand will attract shoppers into the square, of course very attractive terms will be required for them to locate there.

      The ugly apartments, poor sight lines, and Broadway entrance will make this location a challenge.

  • Tlaxcala

    Let’s take a look at Station Square. Boxed in by low-grade apartments. Not much sun. No street frontage. Next to a train station and crowded with school boys every afternoon. They can add as many canopies and plant features as they want, but that area still isn’t going to attract high end cafes or high end fashion stores. Not every area will, it’s not a big deal.

  • DanC

    Grass, children’s play ground, fountain, display of real time info for buses and train times outside, kiosks, lots of waterblastable concrete tables, big analogue clock, vending machines, waist hight shrubs, TV playing BBC world news, a canon to match the one at Lumsden green or is it now the other side of the pool / movies? Better access by demolishing the shop on broadway?

  • Mr Samsa

    Agree with first comment – by far worst aspect of this square is the access to it and connection to Broadway. This access is nasty because of the low stud height. Only way to fix it would be to demolish building above like was done to the square at 160 Broadway. Say a 5m wide section right in the middle connecting to Broadway open to the sky with a glass canopy.

    Concept images of Federation & European squares full of people are at all relevant. It’s never going to be full of happy urbanites in cafes ‘cos it’s a nasty place to be.

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