NZ Is The World’s Friendliest Country

On January 13, 2012 by Eye on Auckland

NZ is the friendliest Country in the World for Immigrants.

As an immigrant to beautiful New Zealand I cannot agree more with these findings:

Living abroad doesn’t have to lead to homesickness. That’s especially true for people who have relocated to New Zealand, Australia or South Africa. These are the three nations where it’s easiest to befriend locals, learn the local language, integrate into the community and fit into the new culture, according to the results of HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey, released last month.The World’s Friendliest Countries

1. New Zealand

2. Australia

3. South Africa

4. Canada

5. United States

New Zealand, in the top spot, had high scores in all four categories. Seventy-five percent of respondents living there reported that they were integrating well in the local community; in Australia it was 77 percent and in South Africa 79 percent. “New Zealanders as a whole seem like happy people, and that translates into friendly, helpful and kind people,” notes American expat Kim Brinster. Other positive aspects, she says, include a “pitch-in-and-help mentality,” as well as navigable government and health-care systems. A former New York City bookstore owner, she relocated two years ago to Waiheke Island, off Auckland, to be with her New Zealander partner. She has no plans to leave.

Coming in just behind the top three in terms of friendliness were Canada (dropping slightly from the top spot last year) and the United States. The HSBC survey’s top three overall scorers—Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates—didn’t fare so well in categories relating to community integration and befriending locals. What did impress expats living in each of these countries, however, were improved career prospects and high incomes. Though it was the survey’s economic category, Wood of HSBC adds, that showed the biggest changes this year. “We know that many expats choose to move abroad for increased wealth and career opportunities as we have witnessed this trend in previous years,” she explains. “But this year’s findings highlighted that even in countries which have experienced significant turbulence over the past year, expat wealth is widely immune to global economic troubles.”

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3 Responses to “NZ Is The World’s Friendliest Country”

  • HELLO :-)

    Happy to see Auckland getting a nice review.
    But, just wondering whether the girl on the left in the photo is giving us the finger?

    – SELENA –

    • The Eye

      Hi Selena,

      LOL, I can assure you that she was gesturing to her friend but I can see why you think that she is flicking us a birdy so I have replaced the pic :)

      My name was given to me at birth but I can assure you that is where the similarity ends between me and Sydneysiders ;)

  • HI Again,
    I hope you didn’t go through too much trouble to replace the photo.

    I would like to ask whether you can recommend some ‘bargain’ places to shop in Auckland, please :-)
    Do Levi’s cost $80 there? Here in Toronto, the regular price would be $60 – $70, but they are usually on Sale for 30 or 40% off at the major department stores.


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