Ferry Numbers Double

On January 13, 2012 by Eye on Auckland

Patronage on Ferry’s have doubled.

Good news, patronage on ferry services has doubled thanks to increased sailings. Auckland Transport and Fullers are trialling extra ferry services to and from Birkenhead, Northcote Point and Bayswater. Auckland Transport manager public transport operations Mark Lambert says passenger numbers since the beginning of the trial on December 17 have doubled compared to the same weekends the previous year. ”Feedback from customers has been positive with most comments being about how the improved timetable gives people more options for travel into Auckland central,” Mr Lambert says. ”Some passengers have been asking about an even later sailing to the North Shore,” he says. Mr Lambert says the best patronage was over Christmas weekend. There were around 600 passenger trips on both Boxing Day and the day after. Ferry users have been encouraged to take advantage of the 11-week trial in the hope of seeing the timetable extended. It runs until February 26 and was developed after residents asked for more services over the weekends. Mr Lambert says a detailed analysis is yet to be done and it’s too early to say whether the trial will be extended.

3 Responses to “Ferry Numbers Double”

  • sister ray

    This is good news but in my experience a doubling of patronage on Birkenhead weekend service would still only be ~20 people on an average trip. It may be more now that the service has been merged with Bayswater.

    Anyway, I hope they keep the new timetable, which actually offers no extra sailings (or possibly one, counting the late night Saturday city-north shore run,) over the previous sailings but certainly offers a more convenient schedule.

  • little_miss_muffet

    Fantastic news indeed, this might encourage the ferry operators to look at new routes to Brown’s Bay and Takapuna. As well as increased frequencies to and from Gulf Harbour.

  • DanC

    Please please please more to East Auckland! The Half Moon Bay service is great but wish their were more sailings and that it stopped (just touch so you can jump on or off like they do in Bangkok / Dubai) at the a minor wharf built out from the Bucklands Beach hard stand at 42 The Parade. (I could pole vault on to it as it goes past I reckon). Also Howick beach, which would need dredging and a wharf would be so beneficial having a ferry service. (The beachlands ferry sailings could be increased and stop at Howick beach)

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