Waterfront Auckland Loses Focus #2

On December 7, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Is Waterfront Auckland losing focus ?

I have already shown you what is happening at Wynyard Quarter  and now I would like to show you how the same “disease” is spreading across downtown Auckland. Once you cross the Te Wero Bridge you arrive at Te Wero Island. This was one upon a time an area filled by car parks. Then came the Rugby World Cup  and they created a fantastic Urban Lounge with restricted car parking (way less car parks than before) . It was great and people loved walking through there, after all this is the main thoroughfare between the Eastern Viaduct and Wynyard Quarter. Now the Urban Lounge has been removed for pop-up installations and there are more cars parked/using this area than ever before. Tradies with their vans are in and out, delivery trucks are in and out, cars, cars and more cars. Why they have to use this part of Te Wero Island for all their temporary events is beyond my understanding. Why don’t they use the huge car park at the Viaduct and spare us the hassle of all the vehicles trying to squeeze through the bascule bridge and onto a s mall “public” space where people have to walk ? Let me tell you why, because they don’t think and they couldn’t care a damn about you.

This is how the area looked just before the World Cup kick-off:

And this is what you have now – people fighting for space with cars as they try to get across the Bascule Bridge, a temporary Christmas tree squeezed into a corner (very clever thinking there – not ! ) and fabulous car parking on what must have been expensive asphalt treatment – which you paid for. Cars are very happy here, people aren’t.

Notice how people have to dash out of the way of the car coming into Te Wero Island  on the right hand side of the photograph:

Should you make it across Te Wero Island  in one piece, you will arrive at The Eastern Viaduct. At the intersection of Lower Hobson Street and Quay Street you will find the main thoroughfare linking The Viaduct with downtown Auckland. It is a also a popular route for tourists to follow. It is at this point where you have to dodge more advertising and fight for survival through this elaborate obstacle course. It is quite entertaining to watch a horde of people trying to get past other people and trying to avoid the advertising which is so conveniently placed to trip you. Let’s not even mention the blind – oh no, they can fend for themselves. The companies that place these boards ad hoc are self-centred prats and very selfish. To make matters worse, the pavement at this intersection is now a car park:

Update | 07 DEC 11:

I captured the same car parked there this morning and by this afternoon the entire area was full of cars – a case of monkey see, monkey do. LOL. Great job Auckland, way to go !

In Part 3 I will show you how standards are dropping in the city centre – from anaemic shared spaces to barren wastelands.

22 Responses to “Waterfront Auckland Loses Focus #2”

  • ToiToi

    LOL. We are definitely the city of village idiots. What is happening to Auckland ?

    There’s a huge car park a few metres down the road and this idiot decides to park on the pavement. He/she probably thinks that it is a shared space.

  • Gian

    the bigger the car the smaller the brain (and the … )
    Just notice how these are all big 4wd cars? They should put a tax on bigger cars like in Florence. They take on more space, they are noisier, uglier, they consume more the tarmac, they are more dangerous and they are driven by idiots.
    And I haven’t found a spot in Auckland that I can’t reach with my small Toyota.

  • MollyBrown

    Jokes aside, this is really annoying me beyond belief. We should boycott all these people who litter our streets with their junk. Let’s face it, they don’t spare a thought for the pedestrians (or the blind) so why should we spare a thought for them. To hell with them I say.

    As for the Auckland Council, they can’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

  • Margaret

    What a mess. All my hopes for a people friendly city have been dashed and I am no longer excited about the Auckland Plan. If they can’t manage things now they never will. Auckland Council is a big FAIL in my books.

  • BusFan

    I never knew that pavements have become shared spaces ? I must tell my mates that they are now free to park anywhere and everywhere. Where is the law enforcement Auckland City ?

    I hate those sandwich boards and it is blatant from your photograph that these businesses don’t give a shit about pedestrians, the visually impaired or the handicapped.

    I agree with MollyBrown, boycott these selfish pricks.

    • Karumba

      Good question, where is the law enforcement ? I guess that they are too bust trying to maintain some order in the shreds spaces which are also out of control. Auckland has way too many selfish twats (car drivers) for it to become a people focused city. If you can’t accept it then move to cities where they do care about people and not cars. It is that easy.

  • Simone

    Unbelievable ! I am stunned. The place is starting to look more like some city in the third World. I am not impressed AC.

  • HotPixel

    We need a City Council with HUGE balls. A council who is not afraid to make rules and regulations as well as enforce them. Those cars should have been towed asap. As for the sandwich boards, ban them from the city centre for once and for all.

  • Geoff

    Things are definitely regressing. Auckland Council has already gone on holiday, what do they care.

    Have you been to Parnell lately, the side walks are covered with sandwich boards and other forms of advertising. It is reaching a level of epidemic proportions. All this continues to get out of hand while the AC sit and scratch their asses.

  • BrianB

    Who does one call to report illegal parking ? Everybody should carry the number with them and report these selfish twats who think that they can park wherever they want to. The mindset is changing in Auckland and people have had a guts full of these car rivers who think that they own everything and they can do as they please. Report them and let them suffer the consequences.

  • Thanks for your comments. Our Property Manager is more than happy to meet and walk around these sites with you to better understand your concerns. Feel free to contact us at Waterfront Auckland on 336 8820.

  • Goody2shoes

    Yes, judging by these photographs Auckland has lost control. The advertising problem is out of control and not just in the city centre, it is everywhere you look. Parnell is especially bad. Narrow pavements and huge sandwich boards.

  • The Eye

    Just an update, I have been invited by Waterfront Auckland to take a tour and have a chat with them. I have also noticed that the sandwich boards have been removed from the main access paths, bollards have been installed along Jellicoe Street to prevent cars from parking where they please and it looks as if Pescado are removing those hideous barrel tables (albeit at a slow pace). All in all there is hope for a great Wynyard Quarter.

    Also, a big thanks to all of those who bother commenting and showing their support, this is the only way that we can make a difference and create a better, more pedestrian friendly city.

  • MIka

    Hey, I have just come across from AKT blog for the first time. Your site looks great and also functions and reads very well. Very happy to know I have an alternative.

    Like this post and great to know Waterfront Auckland has proactively got in touch. Cheers for the update as I’ve been known to move sandwich boards out of pedestrian way.

    • MIka

      Ps. Couldn’t agree more RE: getting rid of parking on Te Wero Island. Friends and I went to one of the fantastic Silo cinema events and found the most depressing part of our trip was weaving our way through the labyrinth of cars to get to Wynyard.

      • Bryce

        There still needs to be some parking on Te Wero for bringing supplies etc to the boats moored there but not as many as are there now. We still need to remember that it is a marine prescient and if the proposed tram bridge goes ahead then they may as well just fill the viaduct basin in and save the money on the bridge.

    • The Eye

      Welcome Mika, the AKT blog will be missed and provided us with an alternative but I shall try to keep up to speed. Thanks for the comment and stay tuned for my report after I have met with Waterfront Auckland :)

  • Titus

    I think you should also focus your steely gaze on the abysmal drop-off area for the ferries in front of “The Cloud”. I recently had to collect a family member to take to the hospital and being 7 min early I tried to find a spot to wait. The traffic was bedlam and two wardens were running about trying to manage traffic chaos. There were people double parked at various areas impeding the already awful traffic problem. Of course, right next door is another huge wharf space with nothing on it, but no-one was allowed access to this area for some reason. Why does Auckland council always do things by half measures? Auckland ferry use is growing, but the current setup is woefully inadequate for managing buses, cars and pedestrians.

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