Toi O Tamaki

On September 2, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Auckland Art Gallery Preview.

You can be forgiven for thinking that you have been abducted by friendly aliens and transported to another city, we feel as we have. Auckland is changing at a phenomenal rate and the changes are fantastic to say the least. Shared Spaces are transforming our city centre, Wynyard Quarter has opened up areas and vistas that add another dimension to the city, Q Theatre is enriching our cultural experience and now it is time for The Auckland Art Gallery to wow us with magnificence. We love everything about it and we can’t wait to explore the gallery when it opens to the public tomorrow – 03 September 2011. For now you will have to be happy with a little preview and we hope that you will love it as much as we do.

5 Responses to “Toi O Tamaki”

  • Tui

    I am going to view it today, it looks incredible and what an addition for Auckland.

  • Geoff

    Very impressive, I will go and check it out next week.

  • Its such a beautiful building, elegant and strong. Nice photography as well. A great asset for Auckland.
    I look forward to going on thursday

  • Feijoa

    I’ve got mixed opinions about the art gallery:
    1. Wooden pavilion roof is quite impressive as you approach
    2. But then you step into a dark low space — real anti climax. Having the high atrium space a level up with nothing in it seems a bit of a waste
    3. The stairs in between the building with large glass backdrop to Albert Park are impressive
    4. But they lead you up to one of the worst features of all — the butchering of one of the old gallery rooms with the horrible raised floor

    On the whole it is good, but can’t help but think there were a couple of bad, bad mistakes there. Any chance they’ll be rectified before they tear out and rebuild the whole thing in another 30 years?

  • Mr Samsa

    Very nice building. Nice materials, nice detailing, nice to be able to get onto the roof.

    Disappointing entry. From the photos I expected to step into a soaring atrium with those kauri roofs and a big flower sculpture overhead, instead you have to go through a dark low stud space and up some stairs to get there (unless I went in the wrong door?)

    Nice to have glazed connections to park from galleries.

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