Bang Bang

On September 17, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

RWC 2011 Opening Ceremony

It is official, New Zealand is the World’s capital of drama queens and Paul Holmes is queen bee. Tourists are laughing their heads off but not at the train “fiasco, they are laughing at us – who can blame them. You would swear that  it was the end of the World and the pessimists have conveniently forgotten about the fantastic show that Auckland produced for the opening ceremony. The Granny Herald (aka New Zealand Herald) couldn’t be happier, as far as they are concerned they have won the jackpot – eight days later and they are still going on about it as if it happened 2 hours ago. We were there in the thick  of things and we had an amazing time, 98% of the day went without a hitch and to all those annoying nag-bags (here’s looking at you NZ Herald & Paul Holmes) – grow up and get a life ! Well done Auckland and thank you.

6 Responses to “Bang Bang”

  • AC

    Cool Photos!
    Herald is ridiculous. 8 days later and they still want to dance all over Public Transports grave.
    I agree the tourists will laugh at us not because our PT failed, but because our media and politicians are so angst ridden over it and our position on ‘the world stage’
    Mountain out of a molehill.

  • Geoff

    LOL, so true. NZ is full of drama queens and I have spoken to many visitors and they can’t understand the fuss at all. Some have even mentioned that it is a daily occurrence where they come from. I am loving the collage.

  • Nicco

    Just read that ONLY 66!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people registered online as having missed the opening ceremony/game.

    The herald GUESSED 2000 +

    Thats NZ journalism for ya

  • little_miss_muffet

    The Herald is really worth more if used as toilet paper! As for the online version it is banned on my computer. Well done Auckland!

  • KiwiInLondon

    I wish the media canvassed the thoughts of more people who actually attended the opening match and/or Opening Night. I was at the game and had no hassles getting to Morningside on the train from Sunnyvale. Getting into the stadium was a breeze, the ceremony was awesome and the atmosphere was the best I’ve ever experience. Countless family members went along to Opening Night in town and not a single one of them had any complaints. They said it was crowded, but that was to be expected and in their words didn’t put a dampener on the night whatsoever. Also, they used PT from West Auckland to and from town and experienced no problems. Again, the media opts to report the bad experiences of a few rather than the good experiences of many.

  • Ch'lotte

    Good post and photos. When the trains ran on time the second week, Granny Herald screams with story that bars are full and patrons spill onto streets and asks, what is to be done about it!? Ah, wasn’t that what we all wanted? It does get worse today though with “Carmen Thomas’ son in new town, identity hidden.” Now there’s a public interest story helpfully getting every person in the new town questioning the new boy at school. Isn’t it time for the serious journalists at the Herald to stop the paper humiliating them on a daily basis?

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