Urban Living Room

On August 20, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Te Wero Island – Auckland’s Living Room

Te Wero Island has witnessed some amazing transformations of late – firstly, parking has been reduced and restricted to authorised vehicles only. Secondly, the boring asphalt has received a bright and colourful paint job for pedestrians and thirdly,  a patch of lawn has been laid down which serves as a carpet for contemporary seating where people can chat, relax and gossip as if they were in their very own living room. The view is stunning and the seats are very comfortable. That is not all though, a birdy has told us that approximately 3 shipping containers will be placed there as well. The containers will offer refuge from the elements and act as private rooms, extensions of our urban living room. We love the orange, white and green seating, the patch of lawn and the creativity that has produced what will be a very popular resting place for us to sit and enjoy the view of the passing parade.

12 Responses to “Urban Living Room”

  • Karumba

    Now this is something that impresses me beyond anything else that they have done. I am very surprised that Auckland has pulled this one out of the bag. Just goes to show what can be done when you remove the cars. Get rid of more cars please, this is the Auckland that we want !!!!

  • MollyBrown

    Holy Moley, I love, love, love it. why wasn’t this done years ago ? Karumba is quite right, get rid of all the car parks, improve the public transport and they will come to enjoy such wondrous public spaces.

    Thanks for all your hard work. My day is so much brighter now :)

  • Simone

    Awesomeness. I would love to see this sort of thing in Lorne Street and Aotea Square. All over actually.

  • Gordon

    I am looking forward to the finished product. It is all coming together now, exciting times ahead for Auckland.

  • HotPixel

    Man I love this. Can you imagine the place during summer, it will be cooking big time.

  • little_miss_muffet

    OMG that is so awesome. I must finish working soon and go and sit in the sun. The weather is so nice.

  • ToiToi

    And what a loving room it is. What is happening to Auckland ? it is as if aliens have landed and changed everything about the city. The way that we think, the way that we do things, everything. I love these aliens.

    I am loving Auckland more and more and more each day.

  • RichardUK

    This blog makes me so homesick. I won’t recognise Auckland when I return for the RWC. Thanks for all of the updates, it is great to see all the changes and they are all so good.

  • Margaret

    I went and had a look yesterday morning and this is one of my most favourite parts of the Wynyard Quarter. The only thing that I didn’t like was all the traffic entering the car park at the Eastern Viaduct and along Jellicoe Street. It should be closed off on weekends.

    We used public transport to get there and there is no reason as to why everybody feels that they have to drive there and go sight see.

  • AbelTasman

    Stunning !

  • EyeonaucklandFan

    This is so nice, look how amazing the place can be without cars. Get the cars out of Jellicoe Street and High Street yesterday.

  • Osmand

    Wow, wow, wow, I love this sort of thing.

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