Silo Park

On August 5, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Wynyard Quarter PART G

The new children’s playground is enough to bring the inner child in you out and one can’t help getting the urge to play in the sand-pit with all the other children. The colours are intense and the marine theme is pure genius but we can’t help wondering why the rusted finish was chosen instead of bright colours – it seems to be way to mature for a child’s playground. We also love the re-used concrete with barnacle footprints on them, the basketball pitch, the gantry and the industrial element of the area. The Silo’s however stand out like sore thumbs and we hope that they can think of some ingenious way to incorporate it into the grander scheme of things. The Six pack should have a rooftop bar/cafe – the views are incredible. Children and adults alike will love this part of the Wynyard Quarter, great for a picnic.

6 Responses to “Silo Park”

  • BusFan

    Wow, wow, wow. I am currently not in Auckland but thanks to you I can get to see what everybody else will be seeing today. I am very impressed. Thanks.

  • George D

    I love it!

    I actually like the silos, to be honest. A reminder of what was, and a very interesting visual feature.

    • ToiToi

      The Silo’s are great but they need to be used to their full potential. Rock wall climbing anybody ?

  • ToiToi

    Are the sea urchins sculptures ?

    • MollyBrown

      They are little carousels, the children sit on the edge and they spin around. My kids love them :) The play park is so popular I think that they need to enlarge it.

  • Lisa Capes

    I went to the Silo during the week to check it out. The playground is visually attractive in a grown up way. Loved the look of it. I didn’t have a go on the play equipment because their were hoards of kids waiting their turn from south auckland schools. They looked really happy.
    My first questions though were:
    Where is the shelter? Sun in midsummer heating up metal play equipment?
    Where can parents comfortably sit to watch over their kids in the playground?
    Is the rust effect from the equipment real and likely to come off on clothes, hands etc? (didn’t get close enough to check it out)
    And lastly, why basketball and not netball? – this is NZ not the US.
    Overall I loved the park, agree it could be a lot bigger but would like to hear the answers to the above queries from the design gurus.

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