Ready, Steady, Go !

On August 19, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Launch of the LINK Bus Service.

Mayor Len Brown launched the new LINK bus service this morning which will start operating on Sunday, 21 August 2011. City LINK (red bus) will run every 7 – 8 minutes and will be free of charge , the Inner LINK (green bus) will run every 10 minutes and cost $1.80, the Outer LINK (orange bus) will run every 15 minutes and will cost no more than $3.40. Concessionary fares apply and you will receive discount if you use your HOP card. The buses connect popular Auckland locations which are branded for easy identification. The new buses are air conditioned, wheel-chair accessible, child buggy friendly and meet Euro 5+  emissions standards. Auckland has always been a rather grey and dull city but things are changing rapidly, there has been an explosion of colour on our streets of late and we love the bright colours which go a long way to help create a vibrant city. We can’t wait to test the new services on Sunday.

The launch was bright, cheerful and very imaginative – characters represented icons of locations such as Newmarket, Ponsonby, Balmoral etc. Congratulations Auckland Transport – we love the concept, the logo and the new buses.

16 Responses to “Ready, Steady, Go !”

  • Gordon

    I am so proud to be an Aucklander and I may as well add that I have never felt so optimistic as I do of late. I love everything about the buses. Thanks Auckland Transport.

  • BusFan

    Sexy as, I like what I see. The outer LINK is going to be my personal choice and I think that it is very cheap for the entire loop.

  • Matt

    I find the branding and the colours very inspiring but they have really killed the interior with the fern motif, it is so busy. All in all I do like it.

  • Karumba

    Ooooh very nice. I can’t wait to go for a ride on the new outer link bus. It covers most of the areas that I frequent and now I no longer need to drive around looking for car parks.

  • ToiToi

    Colour ! YAY. Now I have the means to get around and explore areas that I don’t usually get to visit. I think that $3.40 is really cheap for the outer Link.

  • TrainHugger

    Nice ! Auckland doesn’t seem to stop amazing me lately. We are definitely heading in the right direction of late. Good stuff.

  • MollyBrown

    Super. I have noticed that there is definitely a lot more colour on the streets lately and I am a big fan of colour. It does help with the winter grey. The buses look nice.

  • Simone

    I was thinking of something to do today and a ride on the outer link sounds like a great idea. I like everything about it, even the fern explosion.

  • HotPixel

    I went for a ride on the Inner Link this morning and I prefer the new route. It is a lot quicker and the bus us much sleeker. All that is awful is Albert Street. Let’s hope that the Council does something soon about the state of the street.

  • ToiToi

    I went for a ride on the outer link and the city link today. The new bus is way better than the old bus. I like how you have something to hold onto when the bus pulls off, the fact that you have your own seat, the route is stunning, you can see out of the front window from the back of the bus, I like the skylight and I also love the position of the telly. Everybody must try it and best of all, it was free on the outer link for the day :)

  • RichardUK

    What has happened to all the black and grey :) I am not complaining though. The bus looks awesome and looking at the route I am sure that it will be very popular indeed.

  • Margaret

    We caught the city Link from Britomart to Wynyard Quarter and it was fantastic. To watch all those cars driving around and around to find parking just goes to show how convenient good public transport is, we sat back and chilled.

  • OrangeKiwi

    Keep hearing that the Outer Link was free for the day – then why did I have to pay on the Outer Link yesterday? Are people confused with the free City Link?

    The colours are nice, bright and easily recognisable.

    The Outer makes many destinations less confusing and easier to get to than before.

    Staff yesterday were all rather excited about their new buses and very helpful :)

    The seats seemed pretty small though… and the Inner Link’s on screen info seems not to have been updated yet…

    All in all, there’s some minor problems to iron out here, but I for one am quite excited and optimistic about our new Links!

    • Carlos

      Yeah it was free, everybody was shocked when they were told that it is free. Give them a call and ask for a refund mate.

  • Osmand

    I finally got to try it out and I am stoked. The Outer Link encompasses all the “important” suburbs / town centres, I love the convenience of the City Link and now I don’t have to walk up the hill to K’Rd :) and it is free, I also prefer the Inner Link stopping in Albert Street which has helped bring foot traffic to the area. The bus itself is also a winner, the seats are very cosy and it is very easy to actually fall asleep in the bus, I nearly did. We are onto a winner here.

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