Let There Be Light

On August 20, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

K’Road’s Overbridge shines

Love it or hate, K’Road’s refurbished Overbridge is a vast improvement and we love it. Karangahape Road has always been known for it’s Victorian Architecture, stained glass windows and late night revelers but the area is gentrifying at an alarming rate – the area is fast becoming a haven for trendy tattoo parlors,  funky coffee shops, cutting edge boutiques, upmarket night clubs and a place for designers to work from converted studio and loft apartments. It is a feast of timber, steel and glass – ingredients of the new K’Road Overbridge which is also a reflection of the up-and-coming K’Road area. We love the use of graphics, the urban lounge concept, the transparent materials, the timber finish and the perforated metal. It is full of light, timeless, clean and  functional. All we need now is for the 24 Seven Bar to shut it’s doors permanently.

16 Responses to “Let There Be Light”

  • George D

    Looks wonderful, and visually/spatially an incredible step from the former incarnation.

    I am concerned about how (little) shelter they’ll provide on wet and/or windy days however. It has been known to rain in Auckland.

    • Matt

      I stand corrected but I don’t think that one has to wait too long for a bus and there may be method in their madness, perhaps they don’t want certain people to make it their “home” :)

      It is a massive transformation and the light box looks awesome at night.

    • Geoff Houtman

      The overbridge is a fail in both form and function. Shelter wise it’s crap- half the seats face away from the bus stops, and the view of the harbour has been replaced by a horrible steel sieve.

      For an upgrade in a historic area it’s a real heritage killer. Such a chance to do something beautiful, like the photo that leads this article.

      The random grab bag of right angles we have ended up with is a real shame.

  • Geoff

    That 24 Seven Bar attracts all the wrong people, it is apparently the bar that gets more police call outs than any other bar in Auckland. As for the refurb, I like it a lot. The only thing that concerns me is the corrugated roofing material in some parts but I am sure that they have thought about the long term maintenance of it.

  • ToiToi

    I have been to that bar once and promised myself that I will never go back there, it attracts dubious sorts.

    I am planning a whole day out tomorrow, I have to go and see all these things for myself. Thanks for sharing this. Some of us don’t have the time to go out and explore, some of us live overseas and might be away, you help us see it all :)

  • TrainHugger

    Now that is an upgrade, it looks better than the original design and renders.

  • MollyBrown

    I wasn’t expecting the upgrade to be so good. Gone is that tacky “art” work and it looks a lot lighter and may I add safer too. A friend of mine told me that K’Rd has changed a lot and for the better. I must take a walk through the street some time.

  • HotPixel

    Drove past this on the bus this morning and for a minute I thought that i was in a different city, I love it. They have done an amazing job and I am very happy that they have completed both sides of the ride.

  • little_miss_muffet

    I am loving the new Auckland, we have finally grown up.

  • RichardUK

    If the old bridge could talk :) My recollection of the old bridge is rather faint but I do like this. It looks more Ponsonby than K’Road but a mate of mine has told me that K’Road is losing it’s shabby image. This will be quite fitting in that case.

  • Hannah

    I’ve been watching this upgrade and wishing its finish on. I run along the bridge every morning before it’s light and the roadworks haven’t been fun. I do like it now it’s finished but really don’t understand the graphics – when reflected they read OK – not cool at all.
    You’re right about 24Seven bar, would be good to see it gone. I might miss the cheers and high fives as I run through the 6am crowd though…

  • Virginia

    The K Road overbridge does span a wide motorway gully open to the winds and rain. When it was fully covered the entire length, it did provide much needed protection from the weather.

    Adding more glass shelters would definitely benefit the pedestrians and that is the WHOLE purpose of the overbridge shelters.

    • Matt

      We must remember that they were only going to complete one side of the K’Rd Overbridge but instead they stretched the funds and completed both sides. Now in my book that is a real winner and benefits both sides and not just one side. Money could have been tight but if you approach the council and express your concerns they may just look into it and find more money some where else.

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