City of Village Idiots

On August 22, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Wynyard Quarter – Luxury Car Park

Update | 29 August 2011 | We are happy to report that action has been taken since this post went viral, you can read all about it HERE.

As rate payers we like to see where our money is going and what it is being used for. Nobody can deny the fact that Auckland’s newest waterfront, Wynyard Quarter, is a huge success and that all the people concerned with the project have done a great job but alas, it is fast becoming the most luxurious car park in Auckland. Millions of Dollars have been spent on high quality paving which is being used as a road and a space for cars to park. What is even worse is the fact that these selfish village idiots are parking on pedestrian crossings/access paths, driving along North Wharf Promenade because they are too lazy to get out of their cars and walk around, parking on the sidewalks and driving in-between public seating to gain access to pedestrian only zones such as the Eastern side of the Viaduct Events Centre, eventually driving across Karanga Plaza and thinking that the pedestrian only spaces are obstacle courses for the entertainment of motor vehicle drivers. Besides this we have witnessed an over-excited child run away from his parents, across North Wharf Promenade and in front of a car which was traveling at a high speed as if on some city street. The planning has been abysmal to say the least and who ever is responsible for this is very slow to react.

We have also watched parents with strollers having to walk to the end of the road because the public access ways are blocked by cars, we have witnessed people walking through the flower beds to get across Jellicoe Street because there is no other alternative and we have seen the struggle of somebody in a wheelchair having to search for a crossing point – all thanks to useless, selfish, idiotic car drivers who have the intelligence of an amoeba. We have to raise the question – why is there public car parks in Jellicoe Street ? it is beyond our comprehension to understand why there should be any car park spaces in Jellicoe Street when there is ample car parking in the surrounding area. Our Council keep telling us that they want Auckland to be the most liveable city in the World and that it will become a very pedestrian friendly city but they have failed to actually implement that plan at Wynyard Quarter. This is a great opportunity  to start afresh and say NO to car parks where there is a high pedestrian count. There is also no excuse for people to have to drive there, we used the new and improved city LINK and it was fantastic. Stress free and efficient. In defense of the Waterfront Agency we must add that they  have been handing out notices and placing traffic cones on some of the pedestrian crossings but they are blatantly being ignored as you will witness with these photographs.

Exhibit A – This is what the Pedestrian Access/Crossings look like at Wynyard Quarter (no cars were parked here due to the fact that it is too narrow) :

Exhibit B – Just look at this idiot, even if it was a double car park space he/she would have parked across both spaces. In fact this is a pedestrian crossing. In the second photo you will see how the cars in the background have removed the traffic cone and placed it in the flower bed so that they can have s spot for their lazy asses :

Exhibit C – As if parking on pedestrian crossings isn’t enough, these twits would like to have the pavement as well :

Exhibit D -  This the best of all, why remove the traffic cones when you can ignore them and drive over them :

Exhibit E – This cretin decided to park on a pedestrian crossing located at the children’s playground but why drive in when you can reverse in, never mind if there are children running around behind you :

 Exhibit F – More examples of people avoiding the obvious and parking where they feel like it  :

Exhibit G – The Waterfront Agency placed this note on one of the vehicles (the only one that we could see). If you look close enough, you will see that the car actually belongs to somebody from the  Auckland Council :

Should you spot your car here then we would just like to let you know that you are a lazy, selfish, idiot ! We have sent a link of this post to Mayor Len Brown, Mr Mike Lee and Mr Luke Henshall for comment, let’s see if there is the determination and will power to rectify this issue.

53 Responses to “City of Village Idiots”

  • Gordon

    This makes my blood BOIL ! How can we become the most livable city when we are planning cities like this. Those car owners must be the dumbest cretins on planet earth and they should have had their cars removed by force. Get some balls Waterfront Auckland and ban cars from Jellicoe Street. Turn those car park spaces into a permeant market place.

  • MollyBrown

    OMFG ! How embarrassing for all of us. Do we really have so many stupid people living in Auckland LOL. I find it hard to believe that there isn’t somebody patrolling the area and towing the cars. Most liveable my a**, dumbest yes LOL

  • Karumba

    I am shocked to say the least. I want my money back !! You have raised a very valid point, there is no reason for cars to park in Jellicoe Street. I also like Gordon’s idea of making the street a permanent market place. The area is so popular that most of the restaurants etc. are full to the brim and people would love to be able to buy something to eat/drink from one of the market stalls.

    As a rate payer I want those cars removed forever.

  • Margaret

    This is exactly what I was talking about in one of my previous comments regarding the waterfront. It really spoils the whole experience and I am so happy that you went out there and took photographs because nobody will believe it if you tell them.

    The total disregard for the traffic cones etc. is frightening and they should have their driver’s licence’s confiscated.

  • AbelTasman

    Auckland car drivers exposed. I haven’t been to the waterfront yet due to work but if it is like this then it is just more of the same and nothing has changed in Auckland. Just empty promises from the politicians.

    It is nice of them to place a little note on the car but that won’t be effective at all. Tow them away. I can see that those are pedestrian crossings and I can see that those are traffic cones. There is no excuse for the non-chalant attitude of the Waterfront Agency. This is making me so angry.

  • CB

    Will somebody just strt fining these idiots? Thet will soon stop doing it. Seems to have worked in the other shared spaces after a similar start.

  • GrahamC

    I find this hard to believe, it is incomprehensible how dumb these people are. The International media would love to get their hands on this story, especially just before the RWC. “Beware of demon drivers in Auckland”. Idiots is too kind, more like morons. Something needs to be done about this as soon as possible.

  • ToiToi

    LOL @ New Zealand’s dumbest. There is parking in Jellicoe Street because the Council makes money form it and I won’t be surprised if they don’t move the cars on because they can make more money by creating extra “car parks”

    Whatever the reason is they should be fined or towed. I prefer the latter option and then they are gone for good.

  • Kettlewatch

    I am annoyed beyond belief, this is a travesty. Has the NZ Herald or TVNZ got wind of this story ?

  • Gotham

    I am not annoyed, I am pissed off to high heaven. Who do these people think that they are and why is it being left as is ? I also agree with Gordon, remove the car park and turn it into a market place, 7 days a week. Hell, some of these people driving around and around need to get out of their cars and walk.

  • Nicco

    World class my arse. More of the same….

  • John

    Don’t tow them. There’s a perfectly good harbour to push them into. Then charge them for the cleanup.

  • Brojoro

    Selfish bastardos!

    Have just written to Len Brown attaching the link to this page!

    Good job.

  • James B

    Push them into the sea I say! Seriously though that note from the council indicates that they will begin towing people away this week. Here’s hoping that they follow through with the threat.

    • Carlos

      Gr8 news to read that but why did only one car have a notice on it, I think that the Waterfront Agency have bitten off more than they can chew. I also think that it is far more popular than they anticipated.

  • Suffrage

    Thanks for making my day, I haven’t laughed so much in ages. I like the idea of pushing those cars into the sea, I volunteer :) But seriously this is a shambles of note, if this happened in any other first world city those cars would have been towed a long time ago. Car drivers get away with murder here and enough is enough.

  • Gollum

    A classic example of poor planning. As for the cars, what can be said but that they are dumber than dumb. Auckland should charge a stupidity tax and then we will be able to build our underground rail.

  • Monster Munch

    I am so f**cking angry, how dare they do nothing about this, are we in Africa ? Why go and spend so much on amazing paving for cars to sit idle ? I agree with many here who say that cars should be kept out of Jellicoe Street. Those incredible spaces can be put to better use and for the people.

  • Carlos

    I forgot to add that I caught the ferry into town and hopped on the city link at Britomart, it was packed with people but it was efficient and hassle free. There is absolutely no need for people to go and drive around Wynyard Quarter.

  • Scott

    Wow, so much anger. I know its really disappointing but I don’t think anybody who lives in auckland can be surprised by this.

    Footpath parking is rife in auckland. There are not many days where I walk home along anzac ave without seeing cars parked obscuring or partially obscuring the footpath (I feel sorry for those with prams or wheelchairs). The new shared spaced in the city often have a few cars parked despite the clear sign at the start of the road. Also parking in the Symonds st bus lanes (24/7) is common during the weekends/evenings.

    We need bigger fines, or greater enforcement of current fines, or more liberal towing. Or some combination.

    • Alan

      I get angry because the Council keeps on promising that we are going to reclaim the streets for people but they don’t have the balls to put it into practice. The whole shared space things is a nice idea but they are taking it too far now. More space should be for pedestrians and cyclists ONLY. You just need to walk with the throngs of people all the way from the Ferry Building to the Wynyard Quarter and you will see just how starved people are for space where you don’t have to keep looking behind you for cars. Hundreds were walking along North Wharf and they loved it. To hell with cars, we want our city back and we want what has been promised.

      • EyeonaucklandFan

        I feel exactly the same way, everything is now becoming shared spaces and they are only doing this because the Auckland Council is scared of the car owners. There is almost no space for pedestrians/cyclists only, so much for most liveable city in the world. More like most livable for cars and their lazy drivers.

        Also don’t expect a response from Len Brown or any of the others either, they can’t be bothered :(

      • Geoff

        +1 I couldn’t agree more.

  • TrainFan

    Is this for real ? At first I thought that you were taking the piss but then I realised that it is actual photos of morons gone bad LOL. Tow the bastards and make it a lot clearer that it is for pedestrians only. Get people to patrol the area and mark the ground. Geez, this is so embarrassing !

    I am very glad that you have exposed these mullets.

  • MichaelL

    I am disgusted by both sides, the waterfront and car drivers. Sort it out and get it right from the start.

  • I felt a noticeable increase in heart rate with anger looking at those images. It is unbelievable people can mistake pedestrian crossing markers for the blind, for carparking lines!

    It seems as if the ambiguity of the road space has car drivers making incorrect decisions. The planning for the area should have simply restricted public cars, and allowed only utility/service vehicles for the public space and restaurants.

    I hope this activity is stomped out strong enough to send a message; that public spaces are for people, NOT cars

  • AC

    I hope Auckland Council starts towing/fining anyone who illegally parks in our new spaces.

  • Geoff

    This is very sad indeed :( This is the one opportunity we had to start afresh and say yes to pedestrians and no to cars, an opportunity to create something that will set an example for the rest of Auckland to follow but instead we have created a monster.

    Don’t expect any reaction from Len Brown either, if he isn’t gaining any browny points from it he won’t be bothered to get his hands dirty. I have seen your comment on his facebook page and he has chosen to ignore it.

  • BrianB

    I have just read about this article at and at first I couldn’t believe my eyes. These aren’t idiots, these are criminals. How did they get their driver’s licence ? I for one demand some answers and I also want all parking spaces removed from Jellicoe Street.

  • Moira

    I am appalled by this sort of behavior and bad planning. Somebody mentioned something about shared spaces and I have to agree with them, enough with shared spaces, it is just a “glamorous” street and cars couldn’t give a toss about the pedestrians either. They also park when and where they want to.

  • Tui

    I thought that Waiheke Island had some wacky characters but this is insane LOL There is no excuse for this sort of bad behaviour. The solutions are simple; don’t drive to the Wynyard Quarter (there is the city link), walk (it will do you good and it is fun), remove all car parking from Jellicoe Street (build a bigger car park building behind The Fish Market), have somebody patrol the area and tow the cars away. Done and dusted.

  • SportSlave

    I went for a jog along the waterfront on Friday afternoon and I saw cars driving along the North Wharf promenade and they were just sight-seeing, the lazy twats. There must have been hundreds of people walking there but these idiots cam e driving along as if it is a shared space for them to sit on their fat asses and enjoy the view. Not to mention all the cars down Jellicoe Street, it is abysmal.

    I like your idea Tui, in the meantime they should paint white stripes across Jellicoe Street where the pedestrian access points are, why it hasn’t been done already is mind numbing.

    • The Eye

      I was there on Friday and I stopped two cars from driving down the North Wharf Promenade. I stopped them and told them that this area is for pedestrians only after which they gave me lip and told me that there is no sign saying that they can’t drive down there. I then told them that there is a police officer at the end of the promenade who will issue them with a fine. it is at that point where they reversed out of the promenade. If I can do it why can’t the Waterfront Agency do something about it ?

  • Osmand

    The title of this post couldn’t be more appropriate, from the Auckland Council to the Urban Planners to the Waterfront Agency to the drivers; they all act like village idiots. Let’s hope that lessons can be learned from this and that it is never repeated again.

    One good thing that I have noticed is how Aucklander’s are becoming more anti-car and very pro-pedestrian. That is where Auckland’s future lies, not excessive car parks.

  • little_miss_muffet

    It saddens me to see how inconsiderate people can be, I have always heard from people how bad Auckland drivers are and this goes a long way to prove them right. Zero tolerance is required at Wynyard Quarter.

  • Scott

    As I said previously I doubt anybody who lives in auckland can be surprised by the photos above.

    Take a look of this photo, It shows the Pedestrian mall outside the maidment theater/univerity quad.

    Yes the front car is a marked auckland transport car.

    I believe it was there to run a walking/cycling and Public transport promotional expo. The Irony….

    • The Eye

      LOL Thanks for that Scott, just goes to show how lazy and ignorant these people are – does obesity epidemic ring any bells ;)

  • The Eye

    I have some good news to report – I have just been for a walk through Wynyard Quarter (13:15) and North Wharf Promenade has been closed off to cars, there was not one parked car in the pedestrian crossings but delivery vans are taking advantage of driving right up to the shed on North Wharf to off-laod their cargo but fear not, there was a man patrolling the area and he asked the delivery guy to move on.

    The entire experience was far more enjoyable and I would like to thank whom ever is concerned for actually doing something about this – thank you. Fear not, we will still be keeping an Eye on Wynyard Quarter :)

  • AC

    Yay! Success!
    If everyone keeps their eyes peeled for ignorant car related behaviour, and reports it, we can keep our shared places nice for pedestrians.

  • The Eye

    Well, it didn’t last long. I have just been at the waterfront (19:00) and the pedestrian crossings are once again full of cars – no notices on them, traffic cones have been moved and no tow truck in sight. We can only conclude that the Auckland Council is full of hot air and the Waterfront Agency doesn’t give a toss.

  • Gordon

    That’s why I didn’t get too excited, cars rule the roost here in Auckland and our politicians couldn’t give a rat’s arse. Very disappointing indeed :(

  • Margaret

    LOL I felt exactly the same way, when I read that they are doing something my thoughts were – yeah right. I am very disappointed in all concerned.

  • Simone

    Just as well that you are keeping an eye on Wynyard Quarter, it looks as of they take one step forward and two steps backward. Not a good look John Dalzell :(

  • Lti

    Wow. What a bunch of arrogant wankers posting here.

    Good on these guys for finding spots to park in.

    If you guys want to live in a snooty autocratic ‘utopia’ where everyone has to tow the holier-than-thou line then move to Europe.

    This is NZ. And for that i’m glad.

  • Scott

    Good news

    I didn’t notice any parking in the pedestrian crossings when I (along with thousands of others) was in the area today.

    Wynyard Quarter was also really busy when I was there last night, however there were a few cars parked over the vision impaired crossing markers.

    Those crossings also have no parking stickers on the ground now too.

    Looks like good progress is being made.

  • The Eye

    Yeah it is gr8 news, thanks for that Scott :) I went out there yesterday and I was very pleased, you can read all about it here:

  • Geoff

    None of these cars are parked illegally, as there is no signage saying it isn’t allowed. In fact the supposed pedestrian crossings have parking signs and a parking meter present.

    If parking in these spots wasn’t intended, then it’s poor design, but don’t blame the drivers for that. They haven’t actually done anything illegal.

    • Matt

      Anybody with more than two brain cells know that those yellow dots/markings are for blind people and that must mean that it is a pedestrian crossing. Besides that, all of the other car parks look different. Driving over traffic cones and ignoring them is just plain stupid and arrogant.

  • Bryce

    I have been to Wynyard once. To be fair, while those who are pushing for shared spaces and PT are well aware of where these are and what they entail, the general masses are pretty ignorant about it. While walking around I kept asking myself whether the area was shared space or not as there is no signage, that I could see, to indicate it. Driving over traffic cones is a no-brainer though.

  • Bryce

    Anyhow, why would you park there when there is a perfectly good pay and display just across the road? Forget the fines, just tow them. Radical retraining required. Do the same in Elliot St, Fort St etc.

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