Eye on Auckland’s Vision for Auckland #1

On July 6, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Our Manifesto for Auckland.

We were offered an invitation and we accepted it, yesterday we had the pleasure of sitting down with Auckland’s Urban Design Manager, Ludo Campbell-Reid. It was a breath of fresh air to be in an environment full of energy, passion and enthusiasm – the room was electric and we felt right at home. Without hesitation we presented our vision for Auckland’s CBD and now we can share that vision with you. First and foremost we would like to provide you with the very same document that we showed Ludo and over the coming days we will provide you with more details and an in-depth analysis of our views. Enjoy and feel free to provide us with any feedback that you feel is necessary.


PART 2 continues HERE

45 Responses to “Eye on Auckland’s Vision for Auckland #1”

  • HotPixel

    OH MY GOD ! This is amazing. I want it all now !!!! I am looking forward to more details and Part 2 before I voice my ideas.

    Well done, you should be the MAYOR :)

  • Gordon

    Wow, I have always thought that Auckland needs distinctive yet unique Precincts. It will be awesome to be able to walk from one part of the city to another and feel that you are in a different area altogether. Right now downtown Auckland is all the same without any character at all. Fantastic idea and I hope that Ludo gets the picture and does something about this.

  • James

    Man I am excited by all of this. Where is SO Precinct ? I look forward to all the other proposals :)

  • Joseph

    Wow alot of great ideas. Unfortunately I’m one of these people against manufacturing ethnic precincts. I just think it is an outdated idea. If it was to occur I would rather it an International precinct with perhaps a unique stronger Pacific focus. I also think a design district could be thrown in the mix. Love the encouragement of a family fun environments, buzzy bee etc. What a city this would be!

  • James B

    In behind the City Life Hotel. There are a number of lanes there. It could be a really nice laneway. Unfortunately it is dominated by carparking buildings. Currently it has a heap of cheap and cheerful asian restaurants and the Bluestone room. I believe that a new Countdown metro is going in down there which may help to open up the area.

    • Kettlewatch

      That area has the potential to be a cosy and trendy bar/restaurant area. I like the grunge feel of the place :) It reminds me of SOL in Christchurch.

      • James B

        You need to figure out what to do about the hotel though. Maybe have the main entrance up a few storeys and connect it to the carpark with a bridge so cars can access it directly from Albert Street. You’d also need to activate the lower levels of the carparks. The good news is that with the new apartment building on Albert Street you can access the area directly. They maybe need to add one more entrance of Wellesley Street.

        • The Eye

          The potential is to close Durham Street West on the Queen Street side and leave it open for traffic at the Albert Street side (so that the entrance for the carpark can still be used) …. there can be restricted access for taxis/shuttles etc to serve the hotel (it is never that busy so it won’t make much difference). The lanes on either side of Durham Street West can be pedestrianised and used for bars/funky shops etc.

  • James B

    Comment above was @James.

  • ToiToi

    Love, love, love it !!! The carousel at Aotea Square and Queen’s Wharf is such a great idea. My kids will love it and will give us patents a reason to go there :)

  • Andrew

    News of this proposal is spreading thick and fast. A friend alerted me to this and I love the idea. I know that some don’t like the idea of ethnic precincts but I for one think that a Chinatown adds another dimension to the city and caters for Auckland’s fastest growing demographic. China would also be interested in investing in this precinct in order to promote their culture when and where they can. I also like the fact that it bonds the Bohemian Precinct of K’Road with Downtown Auckland. Walking up Queen Street will be like traveling through different zones.

    These ideas are amazing and long overdue.

  • TrainFan

    I back this concept all the way. This puts the vibrant back into Auckland and kicks the dull out the back door. I am sure that Ludo was excited by this proposal and now is the time for Auckland Council to adopt this plan so that we can retain and attract people back to NZ and the City of Sails. Great job mate.

  • Simone

    Woah, this is better than sex :lol: When does Auckland start implementing this scheme ?, it is awesome !!!! It will feel like a totally different city and everybody would want to live here :) Thanks for all the hard work and I am sure that the Council will sit up and take notice.

    • The Eye

      It is just a proposal as such. The onus is on the Auckland Council to actually do something about it :)

  • EyeonaucklandFan

    Is this for real ? I am amazed and very excited. Why does the Council not give us proposals like this, this is very, very exciting. I will feel so proud of Auckland if we get just half of this.

    I especially want the Heritage Precinct, Fashion Precinct, Queen’s Wharf and Cultural Precinct. I think that the Heritage Precinct will become the heart of Auckland, our own little piece of Europe :)

  • Matt

    I have been showing some people around Uni these concepts and the students love it. I am an art student and we would all be willing to do some fun stuff around the city for each precinct. Uni could even provide us with an assignment :) It will be fun. We should be a creative city and this is a great start.

  • Shayno Ieradicognou

    Fantastic ideas. Colourful and vibrant completely sums it up. Hoping that your hard work comes to fruition :).

  • Geoff

    Auckland will never be the same; vibrant, colourful, exciting and world class. Please, please, please let this happen.

  • Karumba

    Wowzer, I wasn’t expecting this ! I want it. If the end product is anything like the presentation then we are in for a treat. Bye bye old and gray Auckland, the new Auckland is way sexier :)

  • Kettlewatch

    This will definitely stir the pot, the rusty and crusty’s will be shaking in their boots :lol:

    I love it all, bring it on !!!

  • Margaret

    A round of applause. I was so happy to see this and I particularly love the heritage precinct idea. There is nothing that even indicates that this is where Auckland began. We don’t celebrate our origin at all. I sincerely hope that Auckland Council takes a deep and hard look at this, it is something that needs to be implemented asap. Great job :)

  • Goody2Shoes

    Just as well that I made a point of sitting down and reading through this blog, I am amazed, intrigued and excited. Did you receive good feedback from Ludo ?

    Auckland needs this and I think that it will be really nice to have different areas with a different feel. A pride of place.

  • MollyBrown

    So beautiful. I love everything. The colours, the vibrancy, everything. I have a keen interest in heritage and thus I am all for a heritage precinct. I look forward to seeing the rest of the presentation. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • KiwiInLondon

    The idea of precincts has come up before, but this proposal expands on that hugely – I was blow away. I hope that Ludo and the Council team share your vision because this would make Auckland such an interesing, vibrant and enjoyable city for Aucklanders and tourists alike. I do wish we’d push for a “Pacific” precinct before a Chinese one (which wouldn’t be unique to Auckland at all) or even an “ethnic” precinct which celebrates the cultural diversity of the city predominantly through food and art though. But that’s just nitpicking. Great proposal and I really hope to see at least some of this come to fruition

    • The Eye

      The idea has been raised and the outcome was that it will be underfunded and could be quite tacky (raupo huts etc.) but there is potential for just such an area in Manukau, close to the airport.

      The Chinese Precinct will work because there is already a large contingent of Asian restaurants and stores in the proposed area and China will be willing to throw money at it :) It is also more urban in nature than a Pacific “themed” precinct.

      • Joseph

        There is no reason why Pacific, Maori, Indian, South African, Brazilian, Russian, etc ethnicities can’t be urban in an inclusive International precinct. It is what you make it. I don’t see why we would want China promoting Chinese jingoism here and marginalising our other ethnicities which have had a long history here. Just because they don’t have a strong voice doesn’t mean they should be forgotten. More thought definitely needs to be put in to this than jumping on a bandwagon. Let’s be innovative.

        • The Eye

          Maori culture is already represented – it is everywhere, it is the whole of NZ :) I think that Chinatown is an attraction because their culture is unique to Western culture and it adds another dimension to the city. Instead of hopping on a plane to the Far East we can get a small taste of their culture in our own backyard.

          Melbourne has Greek/Italian quarters because they are large communities and it is financially viable. The Asian community is growing rapidly in Auckland and will also be well attended. I wouldn’t mind a Little India either – their culture is also unique – foreign to what we are used to in NZ.

          • Joseph

            I just feel an International precinct places no limitations and prejudices on anyone. It can have a Chinese part, a Korean, a Japanese, an Indian. If the branding exists, a Mexican can pop into the area and try his luck. Why not? All unique. A one stop shop. Overall I would prefer to continue to let immigration ebb and flow without pigeon holing it.

            It was a slip of the keyboard putting the Maori culture in an International precinct. My point with the Maori culture was not to forget a more unique Maori/NZ flavour to our city design instead of creating a global sameness. No kitsch tacky metaphoric designs either. This emphasis did seem to be slightly missing in this sample. There have been good examples of this working already in the city like the Fort Street Pohutakawa.

  • KiwiInLondon

    ^I was “blow” away and blown away at the same time haha oops

  • Sportslave

    Holy cow ! Why hasn’t this been done like yesterday ? Lay the foundations and everything else will fall into place. Precincts make great cities, just look at NYC, Wellington, London and Melbourne. They all have distinct precincts which are all interesting in their own right. Downtown Auckland is just one big mass, everything is the same :( Your plan is fantastic and I second the call for you to run for Mayor.

  • Tui

    I made myself a cup of coffee this morning, sat down and had a good read through this blog, all in all I feel so good this morning. This blog is full of good news and gets me so excited. The vision that you have presented to us is one that I am more than willing to support and I think that you have hit the nail on the head. We need to bring the heart and soul back into the city. I would love to be able to say to friends “meet you at the heritage precinct” etc. This proposal should not be ignored and if the Council doesn’t know how to implement this then they should ask you to join their team so that you can show them how to do it.

    Thanks for making my morning so wonderful.

  • Alan

    My first post here. A friend of mine told me about this proposal and I had to take a look, wow ! well done mate, I hope that something comes of this and that it doesn’t get shelved the same way that other great proposals have. I am crossing fingers and toes.

  • The Eye

    Thanks for all the great comments and for the support. Now I have done as much as i can and we will have to see if the Auckland Council actually is willing and able (and if they are prepared to listen).

  • MichaelL

    Oh my God I so love this. Please make it happen, I beg of the Council to implement this proposal. Like somebody said before, lay the foundations and the rest will follow.

  • RichardUK

    This is an incredible body of work. I firmly believe that it will work in Auckland and this should be the focus of the Council.

    This is an opportunity that should not be ignored.

  • Damien

    Hi, long time reader, first time writer. What to say but, BRAVO. Some of the stuff the city is doing is a big improvement over what we had but it doesn’t go NEAR far enough for me. I think your ideas are on the money. Good luck with your campaign.

    I will be forwarding link with supporting comment to mayor, local councillor and local MP. Suggest many others do likewise. Any other ideas?

    • Simone

      Hi Damien, great to see that you are also very passionate about Auckland and that you are proactive. Maybe send links to the local media such as TVNZ, NZ herald etc. I haven’t been in Auckland for long so I am not that aware of all the different types of media here, you may have a better idea. Great idea though.

    • The Eye

      Hi Damien, welcome and Thanks for the kind words. I have emailed various people around the city, such as Nikki Kaye and Jacinda Ardern but there is little/no feedback. this might rattle their cage and may be too bold for them – who knows.

      I won’t give up and it will be great if others can spread the word. The proposal does light a fire and once people see what can be done, I am sure that many will jump on the bandwagon.

  • James

    Great idea Damien and Simone, the NZ Herald is very conservative and I think that they would like to keep this under wraps for as long as possible. This could gain a lot of support and they don’t want that ;)

    Metro magazine would love this and the Universities too.

  • Gotham

    I have only just realised that there is a part 1, amazing stuff ! They are all fantastic ideas. Auckland will be the World’s most liveable and it will attract people into the city. Most importantly they would want to stay.

  • Suffrage

    I am blown away. The ideas are not too extravagant and can be implemented quite easily. I most of all like the fact that there are pedestrian and cyclist zones only. The shared spaces is a good start but I am not comfortable with a car on my heels. This is a great effort and I hope that the Council takes this proposal seriously. I will never forgive them if they don’t.

  • Eddie Cordo

    Fantastic, I wish Auckland Council would go for this.

  • Mark

    Looks great, nice work!

    The vision for High Street is my favourite. That area can so easily be fixed, like you’ve shown; it needs to be priority Number 1, imo.

    Slightly anal but should the Asian Precinct – Upper Queen St – not be read Queen Street? Upper starts on the other side of K Rd.

  • Monster Munch

    WOW, WOW, WOW and WOW. What a city this will be. A colleague told me about this proposal and I am glad that I took a look. The Auckland Council has no reason to not adopt this plan, unless they have tunnel vision. Fantastic work.

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