Eye on Auckland’s Vision for Auckland #3

On July 9, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Our Manifesto for Auckland continued.

We brought you PART 1, we showered you with colour in  PART 2 and now we have pleasure in providing you with PART 3 which focuses on our URBAN ENVIRONMENT. From Architecture, Public Spaces and Branding – combined with Precincts, Organic Shapes and Colour – Auckland can join all the other great Urban Centres such as Melbourne, Madrid, Singapore and Copenhagen. Let the journey begin.

15 Responses to “Eye on Auckland’s Vision for Auckland #3”

  • Gordon

    Man I love the public spaces. The first thing that I thought of was Wynyard Quarter. The renders that you have shown should be implemented there. It is too early to tell but it would seem that we are already playing it too safe at Wynyard Quarter. Grow some balls Auckland.

    I also love the “:declare war on blank walls”, that can be taken further to include all the horrible car park buildings in central Auckland. Cover them in greenery for God’s sake.

  • Alan

    It is a little early to judge Wynyard Quarter and I do believe that there is hope. I for one am very excited about the new ASB HQ that they are building there, it is colourful and very modern. The bulk is also a good thing, it makes the area feel as if it is in some big city (like the building in Britomart).

    I like all your ideas. Branding is very important and our city logo is a joke. It looks as if it belongs at some Hindu Temple. Melbourne’s logo is very now and it says a lot about the city, it is progressive and visionary. Look and learn Auckland Council.

  • ToiToi

    Fantastic, well done. We have such great views on Auckland but we need take advantage of them. Incorporating the ground with the sky is an amazing idea and should be compulsory where possible. Rooftops are such wasted spaces and the public can use them for picnics, outdoor movies etc. and best of all there are no cars there :)

    I am praying that Auckland Council looks at these proposals and adopt them. They should employ you as a consultant, they can use for your for ideas etc.

    • Kettlewatch

      I agree, the Auckland Council should ask you to come and brainstorm with them. They are probably so wrapped up in semantics, they have forgotten how to dream.You could become Auckland’s dreamer :)

      • Margaret

        Great idea, we need somebody to show them how things can be and that it is possible. The Council is full of people that are either out of touch and who have no idea as to what is happening in the World or they are too conservative (insular).

  • MollyBrown

    So many great ideas for Auckland, I can’t pick a favourite. The exciting public spaces is fantastic and more in line with today and the future. If we keep pumping out the same sterile and predictable projects that we do then we will fall even further behind. I have emailed a few people in the media industry so let’s see what comes of this.

  • Monster Munch

    Fantastic stuff. I especially love the public seating with the incorporated flower beds, just what the city needs. I also love the Laneways, Auckland used to put lights up in Durham Lane and when you look again it is gone. I just don’t understand the mentality of those at the Council. Are they too old and old fashioned ? maybe too conservative ? out of touch ? or maybe all of the above.

  • Gollum

    Love it all. I am saying my prayers every night and I do hope that we get some of these proposals, if not all. Well done and thanks for trying.

  • AbelTasman

    Incredible stuff, crossing fingers that something comes of it.

  • Andrew

    I have siad it before and I will say it again, this just goes to show how narrow-minded we are here in Auckland, let me rephrase that, how narrow-minded the Auckland Council is.

    Great job and well done.

  • BusFan

    I drooled when I saw the public spaces, cutting edge stuff. Boy oh boy, will we ever get there ?

  • George D

    We need a revolution in thinking. This can’t be a single project here or there, but a change among all those involved.

    Let’s go!

  • Simone

    It looks as if Auckland has actually caught onto the idea of adding colour to our city streets. I also like the quirky bits that are being introduced :)

  • Bryce

    I can’t help but think that it needs a ‘Auckland CBD’ title as it leaves out the greater area also known as Auckland City. Nice work though.

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