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On June 26, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

The Auckland Dream.

We are back from The Winter Festival in Queenstown and ready to get the show back on the road. We have returned to  a full inbox which is full of good news and ideas. There is a saying that it is free to dream so just imagine what it will be like to sit back, relax and let your mind wander freely – what would you like to see happen in Auckland ? One of our contributors did just that, Cornelius Blank (aka Nilut) has had a vision and it is indeed wonderful. He has asked us to share it with you and we are very proud to present his dream for Auckland.

Cornelius would like to humanise Queen Street and the surrounding streetscapes by introducing new shared spaces, public art and new forms of public transport. The concepts that he has provided us with speak for themselves and we need to say very little but to thank Cornelius for his time and efforts. So grab a flat white and enjoy his vision for Auckland:

31 Responses to “Visionary Concepts”

  • Nick

    Nice work! I’m very happy with the Light Rail but the buses have to get off Queen St for good. Cars should go too, why does the walking experience have to be dominated by them just so someone can park outside their favourite shop.

    • James

      I don’t mind the buses, the Link will be avoiding Queen Street in the not so distant future which should help to minimize the amount of buses traveling down Queen Street but I agree that there should be no cars at all, get rid of the damn things.

      • AbelTasman

        Has the new route for the Link been approved ?

      • Nick

        I’m sure you would much rather a tram that doesn’t expel diesel in your face, pull out infront of you or accelerate wildly.

        • James

          In an ideal world yes but this is Auckland and we will have to allow buses so that the idea appeals to most people. Removing cars will already be the end of the wold for most Aucklanders, can you imagine if we remove buses as well :lol:

  • Demetrius

    WOW, WOW and WOW

  • Sportslave

    I can already hear the car lovers :lol: Great job Cornelius, I definitely share your vision.

  • MollyBrown

    I have managed to steal a few minutes from my work so that I can study this and i am very impressed. Great job ! This is exactly what Auckland needs and I do hope that that the Council shares your vision :)

  • Tui

    I was showing this to a couple of people yesterday and you won’t believe how horrified they were. The common reaction was “where are we going to drive with our cars” and “there is no parking” :lol:

    I have managed to persuade some that this is the future and this is where we are heading. Great work.

    • Gotham

      :lol: Why am I not surprised. Many Aucklanders are not mature enough for this to happen, they don’t understand it but who cares what they think. This is going to happen and it needs to happen. Very impressive work Cornelius, thanks.

      • Karumba

        Couldn’t agree more, most Kiwi’s are still stuck with a 70′s mentality but with visuals such as these I am sure that many will be won over :) Well done.

        • Gotham

          I used to love my car and would drive around when ever I could but since I have started using public transport I have been won over, it is so much easier. Blogs such as this one also make me realise that we need to change our habits and become more progressive.

  • AbelTasman

    I want it NOW ! Come on Auckland City, make it happen !!!

  • James

    High Street is our number one priority and it can be done cheaply without much fuss. I also hope that they close High Street to traffic during the World Cup.

    P.S. Fantastic work Nilut.

    • Andrew

      I fully agree with you. There is no reason as to why High Street can’t be closed off to traffic right now. The upper part (where it meets Victoria Street East) can be left as a road due to the fact that it is used as an exit for the car-park. Freyburg Square, connecting with The Chancery and High Street should be for pedestrians and cyclists only.

      Thanks for all of your hard work Cornelius :)

  • Geoff

    We definitely need more art, water features and flowers in the city. I especially love the lawn surrounding the light rail tracks. Imagine an Auckland like this in 10 years time, I for one will be avery happy man :)

  • TrainFan

    Man that is amazing. Imagine hopping on a tram from Wynyard Quarter all the way up to the new underground rail station in K’Road or imagine hopping off at Britomart and traveling up to Aotea Square on light rail with no cars in sight :) Now that is a livable city if I have ever seen one :)

  • Simone

    Woah, just stumbled upon this. Great job and what a difference it will make. I agree with all that has been said, more, more and more of the same :)

  • EyeonaucklandFan

    This is really very nice and professional. Are you an Urban Designer Nilut ?

  • HotPixel

    Unbelievable what a difference this makes, great job mate. I hope that I live to see the day when Auckland looks like this.

  • Gordon

    Some great photoshop skills there, I like the vision a lot and look forward to it being implemented one day, soon I hope ;)

  • ToiToi

    Loving this, when is your meeting with Ludo ?

  • Cornelius

    Thanks everyone and nice to see it’s what everyone seams to want as well.
    Just need to keep floating the ideas, more people on board, and exited and asking it to happen.

    • Alastair

      Hi Cornelius, have you considered submitting this to the Auckland Unleashed masterplan? I think it would make a great submission, it would need some text to provide an arguement for taking this direction… but the visuals are inspiring. The initial discussion phase has closed, but you may be able to get it in somehow. Great work

      • The Eye

        Hi Alastair, I have a meeting with Ludo Campbell-Reid on Tuesday in order to discuss concepts and ideas that I have been working on. I have invited Cornelius along and he has accepted my invitation :) My concepts will be posted at Eye on Auckland once I have met with Ludo – as they say, stay tuned ;)

    • Kettlewatch

      Did you go with Syd to meet Ludo ?

  • Joseph

    The concept looks great. I also think Queen St is fine for the next 5 years. High St does need immediate attention as some of the footpaths are ridicuously narrow. The aerial scupture is brilliant on High St. I would rather see funds diverted to Quay St to bring some life to our waterfront. This could be our tourist mecca.

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