Next Stop – JELLICOE

On June 3, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Trams return to Auckland Streets.

After more than 50 years, trams will be running along Jellicoe, Daldy, Gaunt and Halsey Streets with the hope that in the not-so-distant future the trams will continue along Quay Street and up Queen Street. It is hard to imagine that Auckland used to have an extensive tram network covering most of the inner city suburbs but by 1956 all traces were removed to make way for motor vehicles, what shame ! At least now sanity is returning and we hope that this is the start of greater things to come.

Heritage trams will be used along the 1.5km loop which will run clockwise along Jellicoe Street, down Halsey street, along Gaunt street and up Daldy Street. There will be four tram stops; Jellicoe, Gateway, Gaunt and Daldy. There are also plans to eventually upgrade the heritage trams and replace them with modern and sleek light rail which could better serve Auckland’s needs. There won’t be much to see along the route and will only act as a folly for now but once ASB’s new office building opens and apartments start rising in the area we can confidently say that the trams/light rail will be very popular indeed.  All aboard, next stop – Jellicoe !

Status Update:

16 Responses to “Next Stop – JELLICOE”

  • James

    Your blog always gets me so excited. It easy to forget about all the things that are changing around us and then I come browse here and I am very, very excited :)

    This is definitely the start of a growing network, guaranteed :)

  • TrainHugger

    Needless to say that I need no convincing, I will be there every day :)

  • Eyeonaucklandfan

    Funny how we ripped all the rails lines up and now at great cost we are replacing them. I am not complaining. I am very happy that they are being replaced but what a waste in the first instance :lol:

  • Mollybrown

    I am more excited than my children. My grandparents always told me about how they used to get abut on trams in the good old days, now my children may get to do the same one day :)

  • Shayno Ieradicognou

    Here’s to this being the first of many tram line installments :D.

  • AbelTasman

    Man ! I can’t wait for this, it will give me something to do and keep the kids out of my hair ;)

  • Margaret

    Too excited for words :) the area is rather ugly, except for Halsey and Jellicoe Streets, but as you say that within a few years it will all be beautiful :)

  • Toitoi

    Is the rail line nearly complete ?

  • Matt

    I read somewhere that Mike Lee wants to implement the extension of the tram line to Britomart asap. The temporary Te Wero Bridge will obviously be a problem.

    I have no idea as to how he is going to do it. The trams are a great addition to the city :)

    • HotPixel

      The permanent bridge is only going up around 2014/2015 so Mike Lee will have a long wait ahead of him.

    • The Eye

      Yup, they might take it along Fanshawe Street, which will also be awesome and form an outer loop once the Te Wero Bridge has been installed in 20 – something ;)

  • Simone

    Around, around we go :) what fun, I can’t wait to go for a ride :)

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