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100 Day Countdown to RWC 2011.

You can be forgiven for not knowing that there is only 100 days left before New Zealand’s largest sporting event kicks off – The Rugby World Cup 2011. In fact it is just another normal day here in Auckland; no rugby boys running around in their underwear, no cheerleaders chanting and yelling GO NZ !, no fireworks, no “we love rugby” badges being handed out on some random street corner – absolutely nothing. How are we supposed to get excited ? Considering that the consumption of alcohol is New Zealand’s National Sport we would have probably not minded a free beer or ten to mark the occasion – we all know that it is alcohol that really gets us fired up. For now we will have to settle with the fact that there is 100 days to go and get back to work. YAY !

On a brighter note we do have so much to look forward to; Queen’s Wharf (aka Party Central), a revamped Eden Park Stadium, a tarted up Airport and a new Airport Hotel, North Wharf, Gateway Plaza, The Viaduct Events Centre, Trams, a much improved Auckland Art Gallery, transformed downtown Streets (aka Shared Spaces), Jellicoe Street, Silo Park and so much more. Yes ! there is lots to get excited about but don’t rely on the Auckland Council for that injection of “vibrancy”. The onus is on you and you alone to make peace with the fact that there is only a 100 days left for you to knit that All Blacks scarf, willy warmer and socks. Happy knitting everyone.

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