Six Of The Best

On May 28, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Super City is 6 months old.

On the 1st of November 2011 eight councils merged into one Super City and six months later we are starting to see the results. The rusty and crusty brigade predicted the end of the world as we know it and nothing gives us more satisfaction than to prove them wrong. Bear in mind that it is no easy feat so let’s take a look at what the Auckland Council have achieved thus far:


Council services such as collecting rubbish, recycling, the maintenance of over 101 505ha of open spaces|parks|reserves and the support of hundreds of events have not collapsed around us.


The Auckland Plan is a first for New Zealand and will determine a 30 year strategy for Auckland’s future. The report should be available by September this year.


A governance model of 21 local boards (149 members) and a governing body (a mayor and 20 councillors) ensure that our voices are heard and that plans are put into action.


The People’s Panel has been created so that the community may be involved in Council planning, policies and decisions. The Mayor also holds regular lunchtime “Mayor in the Chair” events so that you may get the opportunity to speak to Len Brown in person.


The Council assisted Christchurch with emergency response and was also very proactive when we experienced the tornado in the Albany area. Proof enough that there are the means and the determination to act.


In less than four months we will gladly be hosting International guests for the much anticipated RWC 2011. Preparations include the upgrade of Eden Park Stadium and  environs, the transformation of Queen’s Wharf, Kingsland and Morningside Railway Stations have been upgraded, the Manukau Crossing is complete and allows for easier access between the city centre and the Airport, the transformation of Wynyard Quarter where we will soon be able to enjoy a waterfront filled with new activities and destinations such as North Wharf, Gateway Plaza, The Viaduct Events Centre, Jellicoe Street, Silo Park, Trams and the Wynyard Crossing.


The mayor has launched an investigation into the future of RAIL in Auckland i.e. a City Rail Link, Rail to the Airport and Rail to the North Shore.


A host of events have been enjoyed by Aucklanders from across the spectrum; Pacifica, Movies and Music in the parks, the Living Room and much more.


New Libraries and facilities have been created. The Norman Kirk Memorial Pools were opened in Otara,  Takapuna and Glenfield leisure branches were upgraded, the Tepid Baths are currently being refurbished and the Manukau Library and Research Centre opened at 3 Osterley Way.


The transformation of city centre streets into Shared Spaces has begun. Darby Street is nearly finished, Elliott Street, Lorne Street and the Fort Street area are currently under construction.


Public Transport usage keeps on rising and breaking old records. The HOP card – Auckland’s new smartcard for paying fares which will eventually provide integrated ticketing across rail, ferry and buses – is proving to be a huge success.


The printed publication, OurAuckland, was launched so that we could be kept better informed and be able to touch base with what is being planned in our city.


Mayor Len Brown championed 100 projects in 100 days and we look forward to seeing how these visions, reports and plans all come together so that we can become the World’s most liveable city.

It is exciting to see that the wheels haven’t fallen off and that the nay-sayers are proven wrong. The old Auckland Council structure was a mass of red-tape and political bickering. The city was run by people as blind as bats, dull as dishwater, stale old pieces of toast with the imagination of a door knob and no sense of humour. As of now we can thankfully state that we have enjoyed 6 of the best !  Long may it continue.

10 Responses to “Six Of The Best”

  • Matt K

    I really enjoyed your conclusion. So much truth to it all :)

  • Gotham

    This is definitely no easy feat and they have done a remarkable job thus far. I believe that we will start seeing big changes in the city now and hopefully less bickering, less talk and more action.

  • Geoff

    They have done a great job thus far and I think that we are going to hear some big things as soon as all the reports are in. Here’s to hope :)

  • Kettlewatch

    I guess that some people are eating humble pie but isn’t that always the case in NZ :)

  • james

    The auckland Council definitely deserves some recognition. It may not be smooth sailing but it is working ;)

  • Mollybrown

    I must admit that I was against the whole super city idea but I have been won over and I especially love Len Brown’s enthusiasm. A good job thus far :)

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