Putting The Sparkle Back Into Queen Street

On May 17, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Queen Street Boulevard ?

There is currently talk in the ivory tower of pedestrianising our premier street and it may just remain that – talk. Auckland’s love affair with the motor car is legendary but we believe that things can change and will change. The rising cost of fuel, improved public transport options and the realisation that people spend money where they can relax, linger and be surrounded by a pleasant environment will push cars out and bring people in. Queen Street has all the potential to become our premier boulevard with light rail/buses transporting us to where we want to be, cafes/restaurants spilling out into the street, a sculpture walk with pride of place amongst flower beds, weekend markets and festivals. We propose that the Auckland Council closes the street off for the weekend so that people can experience the wonder of a pedestrianised environment and we are confident that people and retailers alike will love it. With little effort Queen Street could regain it’s sparkle.

26 Responses to “Putting The Sparkle Back Into Queen Street”

  • Geoff

    AMAZING ! What a difference, everything looks so cheerful and colourful, Great job !

    • The Eye

      That’s the idea, colour can uplift moods and attract people – just as bright flowers attract bees ;)

  • Norman

    Just goes to show you how easily a city can be transformed with not much effort. Thanks for posting this.

  • Nicco

    I would just replace that bus with a tram!

    But WOW WOW WOW!

    • Nilut

      Nicco, the idea is that you have the space for both. If you squint you can see the Tram in the back there :)

  • BusFan

    That is what I have been wishing for Auckland ever since I can remember :) I especially like the idea of allowing buses and light rail into Queen Street, and of course the sculptures and the flowers ;)

  • Matt K

    Love the idea of closing Queen Street off for the weekend so that people can appreciate the Beauty of a car free city. Judging by the obesity rates it will do people good to get out of their cars and walk. Queen Street looks awesome.

  • Shayno Ieradicognou

    Now this I want. Want want want want want. Who knew that Queen Street could look so good :p.

  • Ludo Campbell-Reid

    Ludo here again….

    These images are incredible and very much what we would like to see for the premier street our country. The retailers would feel like they had won the lottery.

    Please send your ideas and any images to me and I will put them into the mix.

    @ The Eye : please can we have a discussion about how we might post some of our ideas in the City Centre Masterplan discussion doc and gather feedback from your people. Ultimately we are heading to a major launch of a Draft Masterplan in August/Sept but for the meantime we are really keen to engage, hear ideas and get Aucklander’s creative juices to flow.

    regards for now


    • The Eye

      Hi Ludo, Thanks again for your feedback. I have sent you an email – let me know if you have received it. Thanks :)

  • JB

    Brilliant! Looks like a Real Melbourne vibe but with choicer people. Kudos to whoever rendered this amazing image. Spot on!

    • The Eye

      LOL …. it wasn’t all my doing – Nilut laid the foundation and I added the flowers and sculptures. We have Nilut to thank :)

  • Mr Samsa

    Nelson St and Hobson St could also do with the Photoshop treatment too. If they were slower, two way, narrower with outer lanes converted to pedestrian areas they could be quite pleasant.

    • The Eye

      Couldn’t agree more, there are plans to do just that but for now they remain plans :) I think that it will also help the area in terms of development, with a bit of luck somebody will buy those apartments – flatten them and start afresh. It is free to dream ;)

  • Eyeonaucklandfan

    This is unbelievably beautiful. I love the flowers and how everybody can walk through the street without having to worry about cars hitting them. Auckland would be the best if this was to happen :)

  • James

    Hats off to you Ludo for actually showing interest and to all of those involved with this, bravo ! Queen Street might finally get cafes spilling out onto the pavement. Long overdue in my books.

  • Matt

    Being an art student I am obviously keen on having lots of art up and down Queen Street. I would also like to see the city collaborate with students so that we can “dress” the lanes as well :)

  • Gotham

    Nice of Ludo to drop in. Thanks Ludo, you are doing a great job :)

    I love this idea and most of my friends are also very excited about it. Thanks for the idea and the inspiration.

  • Steve

    great idea, but cyclists need to be accommodated as well, with little delay from traffic signals, buses could be limited to 10-15kph and probably be faster from end to end

    light rail is a nice idea but needs to have a specific purpose, e.g. linking the CBD with Newmarket, it shouldn’t be included just because it has a “gee whizz” factor

    • The Eye

      Couldn’t agree more, including cyclists is a given, when I speak about pedestrians I automatically include cyclists and I think that most people feel that way.

      I would like to see two initial branch lines reaching out from the Wynyard Quarter i.e. one tram line heading into Queen Street and further up to K’Road.

      The other line running up to Ponsonby and connecting with Western Springs (MOTAT) line. From there we can start filling in the blanks :)

  • Margaret

    This will be incredible, I hope that the Council does something along these lines. We need to brighten our streets up with nature.

  • HotPixel

    I was walking down Queen Street today and I couldn’t help thinking about what it would be like if this was ever a reality. Man ! it will be so awesome and will just change the entire feel of the city.

    • The Eye

      It will not only change the face of downtown Auckland but it will also change the general psyche of the people living here. Very exciting indeed :)

  • Virginia

    Queen Street is a dark dreary wind tunnel.
    Lighten it up. Glass canopies only. Kick the vehicles OFF Queen Street & up onto Albert, Nelson & Hobson Streets. Only light rail (tram) and buses allowed. Taxis, courier delivery vans only allowed in ONE outer lane only. More foot traffic, more resting areas and gardens, more light.

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