Fisherman’s Wharf

On May 11, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

North Wharf is Auckland’s version of Fisherman’s Wharf.

Thanks to Fearon Hay Architects, the once heavily industrialised area known as the Tank Farm is becoming Auckland’s version of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. The North Wharf Precinct will feature authentic sea-food eateries as well as cater for those who don’t/can’t eat seafood. The Wharf gets sun all day and the promenade will be at the edge of the water where you will be able to have a stroll, have coffee and/or lunch while watching fishermen unload their catch of the day.  It doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Eighty precent of the available space has been leased and by August this year you will have a huge variety to choose from; Marvel Grill (a warm and friendly gathering place where you can watch your food being prepared on an open grill) , i Sushi & Yakitori Restaurant (will give people the opportunity to see their yakitori and sushi being handmade as well as choose their own fillings before the sushi is rolled), Live Fish (the only eatery in New Zealand which offers Hong Kong alfresco seafood dining and has a no menu approach), The Conservatory (a wine bar, cocktail bar and restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere), Peter Parkin (an exciting new hospitality concept for Auckland), MacGregor Brothers Cafe (a high quality espresso bar which includes homemade baking, light lunches and snacks), Urban Turban (Indian Cuisine will be served in the Bombay street tapas style, it will feature an open-style kitchen and a takeaway window) and last but not least I-Storm Gelato (a range of specialty flavours made from organic milk and combined with ingredients imported from Italy).

North Wharf is nearing completion and is starting to look great – high quality paving, a fantastic choice of  public seating, the mix of vegetation is also a welcome change and we also like the retainment of the areas industrial heritage. It is early days but we are left wondering if the promised “fish crate  seating” has received the chop. The proposal showed brightly coloured “fish crates” that would act as seating options and we feel that it will definitely bring some fun and colour to the Wharf. Let’s hope that the area won’t remain as grey as it is. We would like to thank  Craig for the amazing photographs posted above and we would also like to thank Richard for his incredible photographs as shown below.  Come August we will definitely be frequenting Fisherman’s Wharf.

18 Responses to “Fisherman’s Wharf”

  • Nicco

    I must admit, I was also looking forward to the fish-crate seating. Very colourful!

    Looking at the photos above, it looks great! Some very grey bits though.

    • Matt

      Maybe in good time :)

      • Jobo

        The crate seats are now going ahead again after a design update

        • The Eye

          Thanks for the heads up Jobo. Are you involved in the project ?

          • Patricia

            I think it is HIGH TIME that they recognise the work that you do. Keeping everyone updated and the time you spend and the passion you have for all the projects that are going in and around the City…About time that they look, listen and learn from you..

            Well that is my peace of mind…..

  • Geoff

    Awesome stuff ! Bring on August, I can’t wait to explore this once horrible area. I agree with you, it is very grey but let’s give it some time and wait for the final product :)

  • AbelTasman

    Wowser ! Those photographs are awesome ! The whole area is going to be amazing. So many new restaurants, I don’t think that Auckland has ever had so much to choose from :)

  • James

    Fantastic update, pure class mate ! I also agree that it is very grey but isn’t that just Auckland ?

  • BusFan

    Man ! this is going to be great when it is all done. Even better news is that there is a proposal for the buses to run through the Tank Farm and I can stay on my bus :)

  • HotPixel

    Incredible photography. This is very exciting to see it all come together now. Not really too fussed about colour but it will be an extra bonus.

  • EyeonaucklandFan

    So much area is being opened up for us to enjoy. Before you could only go to the fish market (which isn’t very nice) and now we can explore for hours :) Very nice, I like :)

  • Matt

    Pure class, a job well done and I think that it is going to look great come August.

  • Gotham

    Niiice, throw trams into the mix and it will be fireworks :) Thanks for the updates. i am slowly but surely getting addicted to this blog ;)

  • Karumba

    Woah, I like it and it isn’t near finished yet :) Hot summers day strolling on the wharf eating my I-Storm gelato. MMMMM.

  • Simone

    Very grey indeed. This area should be festive and not so corporate looking, it is sterile in my opinion.

  • TrainHugger

    Loving this and can’t wait for the trams to travel through the area. Thanks for all the updates :)

  • Michael L

    The photography is awesome. I am looking forward to this and watching the entire precinct develop.

  • Norman

    They have done an amazing job. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this blog, thanks.

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