Yikes it’s a Bike

On April 28, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

The YikeBike is coming to a street near you.

New Zealander, Grant Ryan, is the creator of the smallest and lightest electric folding bicycle in the World – YikeBike. Spotted on Auckland’s streets, the YikeBike is set to take the World by storm and has already won New Zealand’s top design prize (Purple Pin) and scored a place on Time Magazine’s list of 50 best inventions of 2011. The finished product weighs just under 11kg and runs up to 10km on a single charge (using about 8 cents worth of electricity).

The retail price is approximately NZ$ 5 000.00 and can be stacked under your desk, put into the back of a car, taken on a bus and/or train. There is already a waiting list of well-known names that include royalty, movie stars, politicians and design museums so if you want one it is best that you get your name on the list as soon as possible. We recommend that the Auckland Council look at using the Yikebike as a form of public transport. Yikes ! now that that will be fabulous.

10 Responses to “Yikes it’s a Bike”

  • Sportslave

    I want one :) That is a beauty. Does anybody know what the handling is like ?

  • BusFan

    That is very nifty and very convenient. This could change the face of downtown Auckland. Imagine no cars at all but YikeBikes :)

  • Matt

    I saw one of these in Queen Street not so long ago. It looked really uncomfortable but I guess that one should try it before you judge it. I like the idea and even better it is a Kiwi invention :)

  • The Eye

    I could well imagine a city without cars and people on YikeBikes :) I also saw some guy with one in Queen Street and it did look very uncomfortable but I guess that is because it isn’t something that you see everyday. He had full control of it though and was cruising along :)

  • Goody2shoes

    Funky as :) I want one :)

  • Karumba

    This is great if you live in the city centre and you don’t need to travel too far. I have heard that they are working on a better model. At least you can sit and you don’t have to stand :)

  • The Eye

    I read the same – apparently lighter and cheaper. I live very close to the CBD and would definitely like one of these in bright pink – that is just me ;)

  • Gotham

    LOL bright pink ;) You like to be noticed ;) I want a sexy black one, no idea where the girlfriend will sit, on my lap of course ;)

  • Geoff

    Very cool but it does look awkward. Once we see more on the streets we will get used to it and it won’t be as weird.

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