Label Queen

On April 24, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Britomart Precinct is set to become the Queen of labels.

The owners of The Britomart Precinct, Cooper & Company, are said to be in talks with  luxury clothing stores Armani, Tiffany & Co, Prada and Chanel. The plan is for Britomart to become Auckland’s International fashion hub. We have always believed that Auckland needs to create districts and with this announcement we are clearly on the right road to achieving our goals. The Atrium on Takutai Square is already filled to the brim and we can only assume that the above-mentioned labels will be located in the planned Central Building.

The rumour mill also suggests that Zara is eyeing our shores after recently opening a store in Sydney and planning to open one in Melbourne. We can only hope that Topshop open a standalone store in the precinct. Topshop currently represent their brand and clothing at The Department Store in Takapuna (which was recently voted the number one concept store in the world by Monocle Magazine) but we feel that it is time for them to branch out and to provide us with a much bigger range. Less is not always more.

10 Responses to “Label Queen”

  • Loic

    Britomart is shaping up to be a fantastic area! Love what they have done with the East building.

    Just wish they would hurry up and build a fancy new hotel.

  • The Eye

    We are very impressed with Britomart and it is shaping up to be a very interesting area – the mix of old and new is especially exciting. We fully support the development of a hotel on the Seafarers site and will use this website to promote it. Thanks for your input.

  • Busfan

    The Westpac building and Britomart is great but the architects/designers should take a leaf out of this urban blog page and use some colour :)

  • The Eye

    I second that Busfan …. it is very dull and grey at the moment but I am sure that once the shops open there will be a splash of colour and some vibrancy :)

  • Loic

    Yeah, some colour. I also hope they break out of their conservative shell and give us something other than shutters, shutters, beige and more shutters.

  • The Eye

    Shutters seem to be the flavour of the year ;) I would prefer to see the use of screens and/or bold graphics – abstract, fractured and bright :)

    At the same time I am also pleased to read that there is only one vacant store in the Atrium on Takutai which should be filled shortly. Stay tuned ;)

  • Sportslave

    Traveling to Britomart is so much better now that you can get access to the Atrium in Takutai. Britomart is becoming more of a destination now and not just a transit area.

  • BusFan

    I used the station exit to the Atrium and it works well, especially when it rains :) I stayed dry for most of the way and could grab a great coffee at Espresso Workshop. Great coffee by the way.

  • Matt

    One can get most of these labels at Galleria in the old Custom’s House but it will be great to have them available at street level. The Topshop in The Department Store is great and very cheap.

  • The Eye

    I did the same thing yesterday in order to stay out of the rain – it is very convenient and as much as I like Espresso Workshop, I have become a regular at L’Assiette – their macaroons are delicious !

    Topshop is very cheap, I was amazed to see that most of their clothing looks very “Ralph Lauren” but at half the price. We need Topshop in Queen Street asap :)

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