Auckland embraces Public Transport

On April 27, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Public Transport Patronage increased by 8.3%.

If ever there was a time for Steven Joyce to sit up and smell the coffee – it is now ! For the 12 months to March 2011, patronage on Auckland’s public transport has increased by 8.3% and it is the highest increase since the 1950s. Stats for the month of March 2011 show an increase of 7.7% (in excess of 7 million boardings per month).

The northern Express bus service recorded and increase of 10.7%, rail patronage grew by 21.8% (the Western line showed the biggest increase of 30.4%) and ferry patronage recorded an increase of 10.2%. The stats speak for themselves and provide Len Brown with the ammunition that he requires in order to change the mindset in Wellington.

20 Responses to “Auckland embraces Public Transport”

  • Busfan

    Yoohoo!!! Busfan’s on board!

  • The Eye

    Good to read that Busfan – I am proud to be one of those numbers myself :)

  • Kettlewatch

    Your images are outstanding. Are you are professional photographer? Also good to see a blog that is not just politics.

  • Nicco

    I have converted from bus to train over the past 4 months. It’s much, much better.

    BTW, you should also post your best urban photos on this blog. Would be fantastic. Not that I don’t check them out on flickr in advance anyway ;)

  • The Eye

    Which line do you use Nicco ?

    That’s a great idea, I will include a photography category – thanks for the idea and the comment :)

  • Nicco

    I use the Southern and Eastern lines.

    Have you ever checked out these blogs? Mostly fashion photography.

    I think you (and Mr KF) have the potential to set up a fantastic urban Auckland photo blog (along with this ofcourse).

  • Shayno Ieradicognou

    Happy to be one of the numbers :). Unfortunately, I live on the North Shore, so I don’t have a train to rely on :(. I use the Birkenhead ferry frequently and will catch the bus now and again.

  • Sportslave

    I caught the train to Eden Park and I was very impressed with the way that they have cleaned up all the mess along the Western Line. It is looking much better. I am like you Nicco, I have also converted to train and I am loving it. Can’t wait for the electrification though, it should be a smooth ride.

    Does anybody know when the electrification of all the lines will be completed ?

  • BusFan

    The bus still does it for me :) I live out on the Shore and use the Northern Express, it works for me and I personally love the bus stations. If there was a train service to the Shore I will probably still use the bus :)

  • Matt

    I converted from car to train when I started studying. I much prefer it now that I don’t have to worry about parking and the fuel costs :) Things are on the right track ;)

  • The Eye

    @ Nicco … thanks for the links, I had no idea that those blogs even existed. It is a shame that they don’t offer a blogroll but I will definitely keep an eye on them ;) I have added the “i capture” category and I will tweak it as I move along. Thanks again for the tip :)

    @ Shayno … A train from AKL to the Shore would be great, I often head out that way to frequent my favourite little haunt – Takapuna Beach Cafe – it will be so much better by train :) I also love taking the ferry to Birkenhead and spending a few hours at the little village up the hill. I heard that they have made some changes to Birkenhead Ferry Terminal – can you confirm that ?

    @ Sportslave … I noticed that too, they have removed most of the graffiti and tidied up a lot of the mess along the rail line. Some landscaping will go a long way and will deter idle hands ;) The electrification will be finished in stages but the entire network should be up and running by 2013.

    @ BusFan … the Northern Express is a dream come true. What a pleasure to be at the bus station – clean, convenient and gorgeous :)

    @ Matt … good man, you are contributing to the continued growth of public transport and it is another carrot up Joyce’s ass ;)

  • Goody2shoes

    I have just recently discovered this blog and I love it. No mumbo jumbo and pages of statistics. Straight to the point and concise. Great job Eye on Auckland.

  • Karumba

    By the time that they build rail to the North Shore I will be too old to use then train ;) I do hope that they get a move on but the Northern Express works just as well.

  • Gotham

    One is never too old for public transport, by then they may have invented some anti-ageing drug. Here;s to hope :) I still love my car but I must admit that it is becoming a rather expensive hobby now. Good on you guys who are contributing to the figures. Now I need to +1 ;)

  • The Eye

    Thanks goody2shoes :) I appreciate the kind words immensely.

    @ Gotham – yeah we need to win you over for our cause ;)

  • Gotham

    I am switching over the the YikeBike, way more freedom to let it all hang out ;)

  • Geoff

    I use up to 3 modes of public transport a day, depending on my mood. A few years ago I wouldn’t have considered it but now I love it. Things will only get better.

  • The Eye

    I some times buy the Discovery Pass and I also use up to 3 modes of transport, it is cheap and very convenient. Good on you Geoff :)

  • TrainHugger

    Things are moving full steam ahead with the electrification. I have noticed a big difference since the Easter weekend. Soon Auckland won’t be able to cope with the demand for public transport and the shit is going to hit the fan. Hopefully in Steven Joyce’s face ;)

  • BusFan

    LOL @ TrainHugger, the Minister of exhaust fumes will not be around forever ;)

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