Auckland Airport claims 8th Position

On April 29, 2011 by Eye on Auckland

Auckland Airport is the World’s 8th best.

Skytrax has issued a statement stating that Auckland Airport is the 8th best Airport in the World and the best in the Australia | Pacific category. 11.38 Million travelers submitted their votes and they loved us more than last year when we came in at position #9. With all the changes taking place at the Airport we can only imagine that  we will keep on moving up in the ranking and before we know it we could be number 1. A job well done and something to feel proud about.

8 Responses to “Auckland Airport claims 8th Position”

  • Shayno Ieradicognou

    Hopefully we’ll hit that number one spot the time we get a rail station next to the terminals, which, hopefully, isn’t too far off :).

  • Goody2shoes

    That will be amazing Shayno, Len Brown must keep pushing for the train connection. I agree with you, offer a train service and we will be number one :)

  • Karumba

    We are moving up one position per year so by 2018 we will be number one :)

  • Gotham

    Good news, I have always enjoyed flying in and out of Auckland Airport. Although I can remember what an embarrassment it was 10 years ago :) One thing that needs to be updated is the Domestic Terminal, it looks like a warehouse.

  • The Eye

    A train station at the airport will definitely place us higher on the ranking. The Hotel is coming along nicely and as soon as it opens I will post a report. Watch this space ;)

  • Andrew

    Bravo, congratulations :) the improvements have been immense and add in the new hotel and you have an even better facility. Rail would be awesome !

  • Mollybrown

    It is stunning in real life, I felt very proud when I saw it.

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